Asylum Seekers Hosting In Birmingham

Birch, a Birmingham charity  helps asylum seekers find homes when they have no where else to go.

With the recent increase in refugees and migrants from Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa, Birch started to get more enquiries from their website from people wanting to host and house asylum seekers, however they were a little concerned as the site was out of date.

The Birch team were introduced to me for help with the site. I noticed at our first meeting that the site was running a version of WordPress using tens of plug-ins with over 50 updates being required.

The site was using an over-complicated theme and producing PHP errors in the admin section.

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What You May Be Actually Treating Children Towards With Sugared Sweets?

On doing a regular shop at a supermarket, a volunteer for a cancer charity was giving away sweets at a local supermarket to people making donations, and from what the volunteer said, especially giving the sweets to children.

I asked the volunteer if he knew that sugar was not actually good for people with cancer. He said that he was only a volunteer and that he had diabetes and pulled out syringes from his pocket.

After such a reply I did not have much to say but did ask the volunteer if the charity had informed him that sugar was not good for people with cancer. He replied by saying “no”.

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In Memory Of Dr Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer born in Michigan U.S. passed away at home in Hawaii on 30th August 2015, exactly 41 years after the same day on 30th August 1974. when he went to his father’s grave in Mississippi and after which he wrote his first of many books, “Your Erroneous Zones”, and which to date has sold over 60 million copies.

Along my spiritual journey I have come across many spiritual teachers with Wayne Dyer being one teacher to be noted.

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Movable Type To WordPress

For the past 11 years or so, the site of The HoBB used the Movable Type publishing platform.

I stopped supporting Movable Type many years ago as I had started using WordPress and so a couple of years ago I suggested upgrading The HoBB’s site from movable type to WordPress platform.

Even though most of the work was done within a few weeks, it was quite a journey.

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