Take 2 Steps To Start A Change In Your Experience Of Life.

Why would I want to change my experience of life?.. Click here to find out.

Step 1.

Watch the video below.

The video is a 1 minute and 58 seconds clip from a film that was originally released in 1968, then re-released in 1977.

The film is called “Powers Of 10”, and is about the relative size of things in the universe.

The film provides you with awareness of the fundamental aspects of the universe.

There is one relevant fundamental aspect of the universe in the clip below that can help you change your experience of life. humans, from scientists to

Many humans from scientists to theologians believe, or ar aware, of this one fundamental aspect of the universe.

Watch the clip in full screen mode (use the 4 arrow icon on the bottom right of the video to make it full screen), and then follow step 2.

If you are interested, the whole film is here (9 minute and 3 seconds).

Step 2.

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  • What is the one fundamental aspect of the universe?
  • How does the one fundamental aspect help you change your experience of life?

I am developing an introduction to show which part of the film contains the one fundamental aspect of the universe.

I will then create further information, and support you to consciously the fundamental aspect to change your experience of life.

Note: The introduction will be free whilst it is being created and tweaked. The introduction will then be sold together with more courses and support for changing your experience of life.

Receive The Introduction And Start A Change For Free.

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Taking the above 2 steps is for starting a change in your experience of life.

Why You Would Want A Change In Your Experience Of Life?

You may be wondering why I would like to show you how to change your experience of life.

Well… watch the video below, and then read on.

We Can Be Happy Doing What We Do.

In the talk, Vincent Cochetel was, and may still be, a humanitarian aid worker.
The flow of Vincent’s desires and his actions over the years from when he was born took Vincent on a journey that resulted in him going to Chechnya and helping others.
Vincent’s desires and actions seem to be commendable for a course of action in life.

Life Can Present The Undesirable.

However, Vincent experienced being kidnapped, kept hostage, and then not appreciated for this efforts by the prime minister of his country.
Now consider your own current life situation, consider your desires, and consider where you want to be in life.

The Feelings Of Undesirable Experiences.

With a general awareness of your life situation and desires, read the excerpt below from the transcript of the talk.
The excerpt is where Vincent’s life situation took a drastic change.
When you read the transcript keep the general awareness of life situation and desires, and especially take note of your feelings.
When I entered my flat in Vladikavkaz with a guard, we were surrounded by armed men.
They took the guard, they put him on the floor, they beat him up in front of me, tied him, dragged him away.
I was handcuffed, blindfolded, and forced to kneel, as the silencer of a gun pressed against my neck.
When it happens to you, there is no time for thinking, no time for praying.
My brain went on automatic, rewinding quickly the life I’d just left behind.
It took me long minutes to figure out that those masked men there were not there to kill me, but that someone, somewhere, had ordered my kidnapping.
Then a process of dehumanization started that day.
I was no more than just a commodity.
There are more words from Vincent’s experience that I could put here but those above should be sufficient for the purpose of me explaining why you may want to change your experience of life.
The first few words from the above transcript were:
“When I entered my flat in Vladikavkaz with a guard, we were surrounded by armed men. They took the guard, they put him on the floor, they beat him up in front of me, tied him, dragged him away.”

A Change From The Usual To The Undesirable.

Entering the flat for Vincent may have seemed to him a usual and expected activity.
Then the unusual and what you may describe as an undesirable experience for Vincent unfolded over 317 days in captivity.

How About Being Saved, Or Being Stuck Elsewhere?

Would it not have been amazing and fortunate if Vincent could have pulled himself out of the situation before being handcuffed and the remainder of this experience, and to somehow be in the following situation as described by Vincent.
 After my release, I met the then-French prime minister. The second thing he told me: “You were totally irresponsible to go to the North Caucasus. You don’t know how many problems you’ve created for us.”

Being at a point where the prime minister of your country not appreciating your humanitarian aid work may also not seem like an amazing place to be.

However, at least the direct experience of 317 days in captivity, and what the hostage takers did to Vincent, may have been avoided.
In hindsight, Vincent may have eventually come to a realisation from the knowing of there being people in his flat who wanted to capture him and what could have happened if he was captured, but again, the direct experience of it would not have been experienced.
What I am pointing to is the story playing out in once mind  what could have happened, perhaps would have been better than actually experiencing what happened.

What Does This All Have To Do With You?

You may be wondering how all this helps you, and why you may want to change your experience of life.
Well, earlier I asked you to consider your own current life situation, consider your desires, and consider where you want to be in life.
Now consider this…
What if your journey right now was taking you to a point where you were metaphorically opening and walking through what you thought of as a usual door in your experience of life.
However, from that point, what if your experience suddenly became an unexpected and perhaps the most undesirable and miserable experience you ever had.
In addition, what if up to the point where a very undesirable journey started, you had invested most, if not all of your time, energy and resources in creating the environment and relationships that you thought you wanted and would serve you.
However, what if you realised that most if not all of what you had created, what you were doing, and whom you were with, “your world”, was actually contributing to the start of a miserable journey.

Would You Free Yourself?

With such a possibility of an unexpected miserable journey ahead, would you consider a way out or some freedom, even though you did not know where a new journey would lead?
Would you take that step and perhaps want to change your experience of life before you directly experienced an undesirable realisation and a miserable journey ahead.
The above scenario may help you to understand why you may want to change your experience of life.
…And the 2 steps above are the beginning of that journey to change your experience of life.

How Do I Know?

I found myself in a life situation where I metaphorically opened a seemingly usual door and realised that my metaphorical guard was taken away from me and where I could have been metaphorically handcuffed and experienced a form of captivity and misery.
I use the word metaphorically, as what happened to Vincent is not what exactly happened to me, but I can resonate with the feelings that Vincent may have had and his desire to be free of the situation.
The precise experience I had is very personal to me, and as Vincent says about his own experience, “I normally don’t talk about this”.
In my case “I cannot currently talk about it due to the highly personal nature and people involved”.
That is why I have used Vincent’s experience as best as I can to help you relate to why you may want to change your experience of life now, and before perhaps experiencing an unexpected miserable journey.
In a way, I was luckier than Vincent, in that I was practising something which helped me realise that something was not right, and I removed myself from a potentially very undesirable experience.
I reached a similar point as to where Vincent found himself after his release and where he was not appreciated for his work by the prime minister.
Vincent directly experienced the 317 days in captivity and the undesirable treatment whilst kept hostage.
With what I was practising, I did not directly experience what I describe as the worst part of the undesirable experience as Vincent did.

Sometimes You Cannot Help Others Without An Appropriate Environment.

I, like Vincent, also realised that many people did not know or realise why I was doing what I was doing.
As I mentioned above, I feel a bit luckier than Vincent, in that I realised where my life situation may have taken me.
A part of me consciously got myself out, and what I was practising also helped me free myself from a potentially undesirable and miserable experience.
However, I know that if I was not practising what I was, I may not have been able to free myself when I did.

Getting Your Own Realisations Of Where You Are In Life.

 I hope the above resonates with you as to why you may want to change your experience of life.
Perhaps a part of you resonates as it does not want to have a miserable experience that you currently have no awareness of.
To start a change in your experience of life, I invite you to click here to take the above two steps.
Thank you.


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