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Change Your Experience Of Life

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Reduce Website Server CPU Time Over Usage Due To CSS Image Animations

Reduce Website Server CPU Time Over Usage Due To CSS Image Animations

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I was having website browsing problems with slow page loads, Gateway Timeout errors, and very slow and non-functioning WordPress admin post and page updates.

After clinically switching off non-critical plugins, other plugins I thought may be causing the CPU over usage and switching themes to the WordPress twentysixteen and twentyfifteen themes, I eventually realised that is was the theme causing the issue. Read More

One Way How To Home The Homeless In Hostels

A Way To House The Homeless In Hostels

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After many years of searching, I found a way of homing one homeless person and taking them off the streets.

A few days ago, I noticed the above tent on my way to my doing tasks. The tent was there, the next day and the next and then on the following day, I noticed a man sitting on the side of road seemingly asking for money. The man’s name was Trevor and I will let you know how I found a place that would take him in and help him apply for welfare costs. Read More

Metaphysical & Spiritual Healing Are Accepted By A Qualified Surgeon

Metaphysical & Spiritual Healing Is Accepted By A Qualified Surgeon

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I came across a few friends and relatives at a wedding reception and who I had not met for a while.

During our discussions, I was asked what I did and I was explaining as succinctly as I could the remote healing techniques that I use and how they can work in healing life situations.

In brief, I described the healing technique creating a metaphorical space and invitation to the universe in the perception and creation of thoughts, emotions, sensations, physical body changes, the external environment and people and your realtionship to them, and where the changes in perception and creation can create better progress for healing. Read More

How To Increase Page Load Speed With gZIP Compression For Images, CSS and JS files

How To Increase Website Page Load Speed With gZIP Compression For Images, CSS and JS files

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On 9th May 2016, I added gZIP compression to for Images, CSS files and JavaScript files using some code added to this site’s .htaccess file.

About a month later, I looked at the Crawls Stats on Google Search Console for this site and noticed that the Kilobytes of data downloaded per day seemed to have reduced in general by more than a half. Read More

Remote Healing Of Inner Ear Fluid Build Up

Remote Healing Of Fluid Build Up In Inner Ear

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I was contemplating how best to trial a remote healing service for people having issues in life situations, and I had left the desire in mind whilst completing day to day tasks.

Then, one Monday, I met a neighbour outside his house, said hello to him, and asked how he was and why he had not attended a party that he was invited to the day before.

The conversation led to the neighbour saying that he went to see his brother for some medical advice about the fluid build up in his ear. Read More

Add HTML To End of WordPress Post Content

Add HTML To End of WordPress Post Content

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I leave comments open for most if not all the posts on this site and I have features such as Social Share, Related Posts under the main post content and before where the comments section starts.

I wanted to link directly to the comments section from under the main post content, and specifically to the comment reply form text area.

As I couldn’t find any code online to do exactly what I wanted, I wrote some custom code. Read More

How Playing To Win Can Create Losing. Can A Better Experience Be Created?

How Playing To Win Can Create Losing. Can A Better Experience Be Created?

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I was standing in a a queue to buy a latte this morning where there is usually a regular meeting and a thought came to me about someone who I felt constantly tried to win or be better at anything, and no matter how these achievements happened.

I do not wish to focus on this one person and after some further consideration, I recall other people having similar traits and hence prefer to refer to such traits in general.

Such traits can lead to putting others others down which seems from my perspective wanting one’s self to be “bigger” in some way.

These traits can also lead to “their” activities, opinions and preferences as being enforced as being more favourable than that of others, which seems from my perspective as trying to make oneself more popular or better in some way. Read More


Get 1 Random WordPress Post From Recent X Posts

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I wanted to display the featured image (post thumbnail) of one post from the most latest blog posts.

I didn’t want a plugin as the image was being displayed in some custom header background code… that at the top of the home page of this site.

I couldn’t find any code online that I could copy and paste and with a few similar recent and random post code snippets, I created my own PHP code snippet to display the featured image of one post from the latest X posts.

The code below uses the WordPress wp_get_recent_posts() function using appropriate arguments in the $arg variable to retrieve the most recent 30 posts. Read More

Experiencing More Of Life As A Human Is A Choice

Experiencing More Of Life As A Human Can Be A Choice

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I recently met someone after over a year ago who had a form of cancer, were cleared of it, and have due what seems to be a regular check-up.

I am not detailing the form of cancer as it may personally identify the person.

I noticed them eating something quite sweet which may have been comprised of sugar.

I advised the person that they should perhaps cut down (I actually meant stop eating) such sugared foods.

I said what I said as sugar has been found to be consumed more by cancer cells than normal cells, and there may be a possibility that sugar may contribute to the persistence and growth of cancer cells. Read More

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