12 12 12 12 12 : The Birth Of A New Millenia

It’s 12th December 2012 and I am sitting in from of my laptop witnessing the birth of a new millennia and there are a few minutes remaining until 12:12pm, and so the date and time will soon be:

12 12 12 12 12

What significance this date and time has, I do not know, but the ancient Mayans had something to say about it and perhaps more so 21 12 12, or 21st December 2012, but there have been, and are, so many interpretations that I personally have no idea what the Mayans actual message was or is.

There however seem to be two extreme interpretations. One interpretation being that the date signifies the end of the world, and the other interpretation being that the date signifies a new beginning.

My interpretation is that it is time for humanity to make a new start and to let go of the beliefs, systems, processes, desires, etc, which we have been holding onto for millennia and which simply do not serve us any more. This could be the end of the world interpretation of the Mayans message; the end of the world we, as humans, have created.

It may be the time for us to re-think why when we research the basic requirements of living life as a human on this planet, such as food, water, shelter, health, dignity, freedom, education, etc, and especially in so-called developed and developing countries, that such extreme and disturbing variations appear, how is it then that we can say that “we” live on this planet “together”.

And hence,  it is perhaps now time to give a new birth to the words “we” and “together”, which could be the new beginning interpretation of the Mayan’s message.

Can we really live as we have been, and as we are now so that we, well… perhaps our descendants, live joyfully to witness the next 12 12 12 12 12 after a thousand years, namely:

12:12pm on 12th December 3012

I will end this post for now as I wish to publish it before 12:12pm, being in a couple of minutes, but I may come back later to write more.

Au revoir.

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