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I taught a client how to use a 7-word meditation from my personal transformation and healing course. I assisted them with some remote healing sessions, and the client is now migraine free, not taking medication for migraines, and better enjoying many aspects of life.

Below are some questions to the client with their feedback.

    What kind of situation were you in before I introduced the information and exercises to you? (details and emotion).

    • I had migraines for over 30 years since I was a teenager.
    • The migraines had been getting progressively worse in the last 15 years.
    • Initially, my migraines would last a day and I would have them once every few months.
    • Over the years this changed – I had migraines continuously for days and increased in frequency – they were often debilitating.
    • I was taking medication on and off for the migraines over those 30 years.
    • I had so many painkillers and appointments with G.P.s.
    • I eventually had a really bad migraine and realised that medications weren’t working.
    What concerns did you have about working with me? (really).

    • I was concerned about not going to sleep because the medication made me drowsy and helped me sleep.
    • I was reluctant, apprehensive and hesitant when you introduced the meditation and told me that it was simply a 7-word phrase.
    • It sounded so wacky and out of this world and so simple.
    • I didn’t believe it at first.
    • However, I kept thinking about your approach and eventually came round to giving it a go.
    What were a few things that you received from working with me that really worked for you?

    • The 2 meetings, analogies and other case studies you gave helped me understand the information and exercises related to quantum physics, the universe, how reality is created, and what the meditation means.
    • The expansion exercises you explained and asked me to do in the meeting helped me get to the place where my attention was outside of me. This helped me to better understand and use the meditation.
    • The meetings brought me back to using the meditation rather than me stepping back into the day to day routine that I was used to.
    • To ensure I didn’t forget to do the meditation during my day to day routine, I placed post-it notes in key places around the house and work to remind myself to meditate at any opportunity I could.
    How has your life changed or got better recently? (include emotions such as hope, inspired, excited, enthusiastic, joyful, free, etc).

    • I’ve been migraine free for over 9 months now (this post was written on 3rd May 2020 and the client is still migraine free).
    • I’m free from taking medication for the migraines because I don’t have them any more.
    • The meditation was so successful with my health, that I applied the meditation to an issue with a work relationship I had been experiencing for some time. Using the meditation created a shift that allowed me to step in and resolve the issue which I was previously unable to do.
    • Being migraine free, I can better enjoy many aspects of life.
    • Being pain-free brought elation and appreciation of the simple things in life.
    • It’s a good way to just ‘switch-off’ from the world for a moment and focus on yourself.
    What advice would you give to other people about working with me and using the meditations?

    • It can be hard to believe that such a simple meditation can work, but it does work.
    • Say the meditation just for the sake of saying it at first.
    • Keep using the meditation. Don’t give up, even if you don’t believe it, or if you don’t notice a change for a while, or even if your situation gets worse like me experiencing the worst migraine ever.
    • Remind yourself to use the meditation, and use it full-heartedly. If you have to, put post-it notes around your house and work to recite the meditation.
    • You can use the meditation even if you are on medications, but if you can try to come off them to use the meditation, it may work better.
    • Your other case studies helped to understand the application of the meditation on other people – putting theory into practice.

The client used the meditation for between 2 to 4 months (neither of us can remember the exact time to be honest), and whenever they felt like using it on a day to day basis.

I may post a deeper interview with the client, and if you are interested in trying the transformation and healing course then click here to make a start.

If you have any questions then use the comment form below or contact me here.

Photo by Thiago Schlemper from Pexels

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