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I help responsible people transform and heal their personal and career situations.

Bharat Karavadra

I’ve recently been helping to:

Transform and heal situations to experience new possibilities.

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Develop websites/apps, their UX, and integrate AI & online systems.

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Latest posts:

  • Cancer is a symptom of (un)consciousness
    I’ve put together a summary from a longer video where Dr Bruce Lipton explains how your consciousness affects your genes and cells to create cancer, and that the cause of…
  • Meditation can resolve larger situations outside your self
    Severe crimes reduced by meditation In a 7 day scientific research study from 7th June to 30th July 1993 (in approximately 53 days), 4000 participants of meditation programs reduced HRA…
  • Bacteria live in symbiosis with humans and keep us healthy
    symbiosis (noun)sym·​bi·​o·​sisˌ sim-bē-ˈō-səs the living together in more or less intimate association or close union of two dissimilar organisms (as in parasitism or commensalism)especially : MUTUALISM a cooperative relationship (as…

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Updated 20th May 02023

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Bharat Karavadra

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