A Cell Is Fundamentally Controlled By The Environment, Not Directly By Genes


I came across a lecture by Dr. Bruce Lipton (a biologist) about how our body works, about our health, medicine, quantum physics, and consciousness.

What I recall most is how health is affected by perception or beliefs of the individual which are influenced by their environment and consciousness, and not directly by the genes of an individual, where the latter is often taught in conventional medicinal and other schools of care.

The lecture contained scientific observations that support my own research of information, tools and exercises for people to transform and heal their life situations.

So I purchased his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ and I hope to share some of the key information and observations and perhaps try to relate them to the work I do.

To begin with, in the prologue of the book Dr. Lipton says:

“I realized that a cell’s life is fundamentally controlled by the physical and energetic environment with only a small contribution by its genes. Genes are simply molecular blueprints used in the construction of cells, tissues, and organs. The environment serves as a “contractor” who reads and engages those genetic blueprints and is ultimately responsible for the character of a cell’s life.”

-Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. The Biology of Belief.

To relate this to my research, whether it be from our perceptions or beliefs, it can be said that we have two polarities of situations or experiences in life.

I call them desirable or undesirable situations or experiences.

For these two polarities of life experiences I have identified and am refining two respective sets of information and exercises:

  1. To help transform and heal undesirable situations or experiences.
  2. To help grow the desirable ones.

I have some introductory information and exercises which are free, and which I hope to add to, perhaps with a paid service. You can try them here and please ask any questions or share your thoughts.

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