A Journey – The Cure May Not Be A Destination

A is for Autism or Autistic.

We, are I, a carer and a parent with their permission to document and create awareness and ideas for the progressive Journey and progressive healings of their child and us all.

T is a child with A. He has had the experience of having A probably from birth.

A is the parent. He currently looks after the day to day home tasks and admin work for T and himself.

B is the day to day carer who has experience in looking after people with A, has a psychological qualification.

These initials may be changed.

I am Bharat, and I research metaphysical and spiritual experiences and help identify tools and practices to create awareness of and facilitate both physical and spiritual healing.

We are all he’s.

A Journey with acceptance and out of the box thinking is what we believe creates the cure and we believe the cure is not a destination.

Now with the permission of B, A Journey now begins with your involvement.

Yesterday, B and I were sat with T whilst he was doing his day to day activities when he suddenly got up and created the verbal expression that he could and walked off seemingly being quite disturbed. B walked with him and eventually came back to collect S’s belongings to carry on with the day. Movement especially outdoors really does help S come back to a sense of peace.

As I could not identify a trigger, I asked B what may have created the sudden disturbance and B was not quite sure himself, however from his experience, B thought that it may have been a childhood memory and then caught up with S.

I met T & B today (T seemed much more at peace) and asked B if he had realised what created the disturbance yesterday. B said that due to T’s inability to communicate well, he was unsure but he had noticed that Wednesday’s were recently not so good days. He and A were discussing that it may be as T wanted to stay at home on Wednesdays, or it could be that the black felt tip pen that T was using to colour the cat ran out and the cat ended up being grey, rather than black.

The cat is known for being a black cat and the realisation of T not being able to create the black cat, together with the inability to communicate verbally, together with the exaggeration of response and reaction to outcomes from T due to the higher and lower variances in the spectrum of perceptions (what some also call higher and lower brain functions), from my perspective it is not easy to identify the trigger that created T’s disturbance.

Hence the solution for the moment seems to be what has worked to bring T back to peace, which is a change of environment and especially the out doors, especially nature, which is what I believe B facilitated yesterday.

For those of you who do not have much, if any, experience of A, the above real scenario should make you aware of the difficulties in both managing and helping people with A.

For those of you with experience of A, we would like your involvement with out of the box thinking so that we can perhaps create realisable and ongoing cures and appropriate environments both for people with A and those involved in their care.

Use the comments/share section below to share your thoughts and ideas..

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