I help you transform and heal your life situations

I research practical and leading-edge information, tools and exercises to help with transformation and healing in every aspect of life.

Why?… because I found myself having to discover ways to improve my life situations. On my journey, the universe brought some awesome people, information and techniques that actually created change in my life situations. I now share my experiences so that you can transform and heal your life situations.

I also help you integrate AI & online systems to grow your business

I’ve been creating software applications since 1983 for myself, other people and businesses from sole traders to multinational corporations.

I currently focus AI integration, process automation/acceleration and web/app development. However, I have experience of a variety of technologies and applications.

A bit more about me.

  • I am single, and the father of a beautiful daughter.
  • I mostly live and work in Birmingham, United Kingdom where I went to school, college and university.
  • I have experience of and can travel to other countries and continents for client, project and personal desires.
  • I have experience of and can work with individuals and sole traders through to multi-national corporations.
  • I have experience of working in a variety of types and specialisms of businesses.


  • Research, practise, and refinement of information and exercises from quantum physics, metaphysics and life experiences that help create real lasting transformation and healing: 16 Years.
  • Design and development of general interactive and electronic applications: 37 Years.
  • Kickstarting new projects, and speeding the delivery of existing projects: 30 Years.
  • Starting, managing and developing web applications, and general online systems and communications: 30 Years.
    • Hands on HTML (Good): 27 Years.
    • Hands on Javascript (OK): 25 Years.
    • Hands on PHP (OK): 18 Years.
    • Hands on MySQL (OK): 21 Years.
    • Hands on WordPress (Hosted) (Good): 16 Years.
    • Hands on CSS (OK): 17 Years.
    • Hands on SaaS & software integration: 17 Years.

Organisational size experience.

  • Individuals / sole traders.
  • Small businesses.
  • Large / national organisations.
  • Multi-national corporations.

Travel experience.

  • Vocational: North America, Europe, Asia.
  • Personal: North America, Europe, Africa, Asia.


Courses & Qualifications

  • Managing Change business management/executive course with Mitchell Phoenix.
  • Graphic Design / Visual Communication (specialising in computer graphics) B.A. Honours Degree from the now called Birmingham City University.

Clients & Projects

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