Asylum Seekers Hosting In Birmingham

Birch, a Birmingham charity  helps asylum seekers find homes when they have no where else to go.

With the recent increase in refugees and migrants from Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa, Birch started to get more enquiries from their website from people wanting to host and house asylum seekers, however they were a little concerned as the site was out of date.

The Birch team were introduced to me for help with the site. I noticed at our first meeting that the site was running a version of WordPress using tens of plug-ins with over 50 updates being required.

The site was using an over-complicated theme and producing PHP errors in the admin section.

I am in the process re-developing the site from scratch on a development server using a more simple template and will show the team at Birch how to use WordPress and any customizations I create to update the site content themselves.

I hope to make the site live in the next few days.

For the moment, if you are interested in being a host for people requiring housing them click here to go to the existing Birch site and make contact with the team.

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