Being Vegetarian Does Not Make You Spiritual

To maintain life by being able to feed meat to one’s self or an else’s self [another animal or human] and especially if meat is not usually accepted as being “edible” [a form of sustenance] by the self [that you are feeding it to], does take you a step to being spiritual.

A vegetarian [human or animal] does not eat meat, but if you knew that the only way (for whatever reason within yourself – an inner knowing) that the vegetarian [with your knowing of them being a vegetarian] could or would survive by eating the meat, you would or would try to feed them meat.

So by giving meat to a vegetarian to continue the experience of life in their form [as a human or animal], what does your action of feeding meat to a vegetarian make you?

Now by writing the above, it does not mean that I believe that everyone should eat meat but with people being questioned about their spirituality and why they eat meat and especially with such questioning I have heard my self from people in the culture of my ancestors, perhaps the relationship of being spiritual with what one eats and why needs to be investigated and questioned.

The following is a transcript I created from an interview with Lynne McTaggart on Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters (season 10) during their week of science and spirituality, that may bring an awareness to the relationship of what one eats and their spiritual  position.

…The other thing that I found interesting is that one man’s need is another man’s poison…
… There’s been a lot of interesting work showing that one of the most successful diets for cancer is what they call the metabolic typing diet which is…
…must simpler than […other diets which can work…]…
…but this one has greater evidence of success…
…and you just need to find out whether you are more of a carb [carbohydrates] person  or a protein person and you can do this by taking a simple very inexpensive test and the fellow who does this, Dr. William Wolcott, has found patients who are cancer patients doing really well once they discover that actually they need more meat and they were vegetarian, or actually they were eating a lot of meat and they were more of a vegetarian type, so that kind of thing is really successful…

For a more shockingly awakening experience, watch the 1993 film “Alive” (a true story).

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