Can You Leave A City For A Desolate Place To Achieve Inner Peace?

This is my answer to a question I was asked by Rugal Dourandi on Quora about inner peace.

The question in full was:

If I leave the city and travel to a desolate location to rest, can I achieve inner silence?

I replied with…

Your question poses a thought based solution, yet it also has the actual solution.

If are somewhere and do not experience inner silence or peace, then it can easily be said that it is where you are, the environment, that is contributing to your lack of inner silence.

However, we need to consider what is defining the lack of inner silence.

It can be said that it is your thoughts, emotions and sensations related to what’s happening in your life situation and environment that are creating the lack of, or covering up, your inner silence.

However, consider a time when you may be more at peace. Such as a weekend night when perhaps you may be going to sleep early when there is less noise outside, and when the day has not been as busy as usual.

We can say… then we have more inner silence, than at other times.

Now, being in that more peaceful place, if you thought and reminded yourself of situations and environments which create the ‘noise’ of thoughts. emotions and sensations, your inner silence would again be less and be covered up by the thoughts, emotions and sensations of bringing up the memory of undesirable situations.

So, it then can be said that even an undesirable memory can create a lack of inner silence.

Therefore, it may seem that going to a desolate or quiet place may help achieve inner silence, and it may actually happen.

However, if an undesirable memory came up, for example, if you compared the quiet location with the city, or if an aeroplane flew over the quiet place, again reminding you of disturbances in the city, then both those reminders may bring back the thoughts, emotions and sensations related to the memory of situations in the city.

So, as the saying goes… ‘You cannot run away from your problems’, and with your question, you cannot go somewhere out there to get away from whatever is preventing your inner silence.

Hence the thought based solution of your question does not really create a solution, or not a long-term one.

As I said, your question has the actual solution, in that you use the words ‘inner silence’.

And that tells you exactly where you can find what you are seeking.

You have to go in, and not out there, to experience inner silence, and I do not tend to use the word ‘achieve’ because you already have inner silence or peace, and it is covered up by thoughts, emotions and sensations.

To refine that a little further, you are inner peace but we can often identify ourselves with thoughts, emotions and sensations, and then react to them creating temporary fixes or more of the same.

To experience inner peace, you have to move past your thoughts, emotions and sensations, and to actually do this as a practice quite often until you really experience a sense of inner peace, no matter what thoughts, emotions and sensations you are having in your mind and body.

The more you practice, thoughts, emotions and sensations, especially those that are negative and related to undesirable situations and their memories, will start to dissolve and you should start experiencing your inner peace.

There are practices such as meditation, mindfulness, living in the now and being present that can help you experience inner peace.

I found myself in quite undesirable life situations and found that some of the above practices worked, and with many years of research and practice from information and teachings from quantum physics, metaphysics, and spiritual experiences, I discovered and refined information and teachings which I have used for about many years.

The information and teachings help me resolve undesirable life situations and the thoughts, emotions and body sensations associated with them, and actually help transform and heal the undesirable situations. You can find out more and download a report by clicking here.

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