A Plea To Be Open Minded To The Possibilities Of Experiencing Healing

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A girl about the age of 20 had a 10% functioning liver, then had a liver transplant, and on the morning of me writing this post, I hear that the girl has passed away. My offer for a metaphysical / spiritual approach to healing was not replied to but with acceptance and permission, I may have been able to help her. Read More

Morality Of Helping Using Distance (Remote) Healing Without Permission

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Over the past few weeks there has been an overlap of four situations where there have been unwanted experiences in life, and where I have offered to use remote healing techniques (also referred to as distant healing) to help create the space for healing to occur, or occur in new ways. Read More

Overcoming A 30 Year Fear Of Dogs In 4 Days

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Around the year of 2008, I got over my general fear of dogs in about 4 days, after 30 years of fearing and not being comfortable being anywhere near a dog.

I did it by using a personal transformation technique that is done internally within oneself to help resolve external situations.

I have kept this story mostly to myself since now as I have been on quite an intense and introspect spiritual journey after having no other apparent choice; my mind did not have the answers on why everything around, and in me, was falling apart. That’s a story in itself, but let’s get back to overcoming the fear of dogs. Read More

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