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A Change From Colouring-In To Watching Films

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For a while, I hadn’t seen B the enabler and T who is Autistic frequenting a usual daytime place, and so I sent an SMS to B asking if everything was OK.

B replied and let me know that T has recently been refusing to go out and hasn’t done any colouring for weeks. T is approximately 23 and has been colouring every day, for most of the day, since early childhood.

B says that T now prefers staying in and watching films, and that the change has resulted in more meltdowns in T and them lasting longer. Read More

Help Autistic People Live A Naturally Satisfying Life

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Please read the following words which have been written by someone who helps look after an Autistic person.

T is severely autistic and also compounded by mutism. He is 23 and still lives at home.

Now imagine that you live with him…

T is subject to emotional meltdowns when confronted with surprises or unexpected change. He is very audio sensitive and the slightest noise can result in a meltdown that lasts for hours.

T hits himself when he melts down, hard enough to leave heavy bruising and concussion, nosebleeds and black eyes. This is a daily struggle.
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Help Save The Teaching Of Gujarati In England

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“The learning and examination of Gujarati in the UK has come under pressure from government cuts and increasing rents.

The first language of Prime Minister Modi provides a crucial link between the UK and India and needs to be saved.”

Join Gareth Thomas M.P.  and sign an open letter to Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, calling on the teaching and examination of Gujarati to be protected in the UK.

Click here for more information and to help.

A Journey – The Cure May Not Be A Destination

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A is for Autism or Autistic.

We, are I, a carer and a parent with their permission to document and create awareness and ideas for the progressive Journey and progressive healings of their child and us all.

T is a child with A. He has had the experience of having A probably from birth.

A is the parent. He currently looks after the day to day home tasks and admin work for T and himself.

B is the day to day carer who has experience in looking after people with A, has a psychological qualification.

These initials may be changed.

I am Bharat, and I research metaphysical and spiritual experiences and help identify tools and practices to create awareness of and facilitate both physical and spiritual healing. Read More

What You May Be Actually Treating Children Towards With Sugared Sweets?

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On doing a regular shop at a supermarket, a volunteer for a cancer charity was giving away sweets at a local supermarket to people making donations, and from what the volunteer said, especially giving the sweets to children.

I asked the volunteer if he knew that sugar was not actually good for people with cancer. He said that he was only a volunteer and that he had diabetes and pulled out syringes from his pocket.

After such a reply I did not have much to say but did ask the volunteer if the charity had informed him that sugar was not good for people with cancer. He replied by saying “no”.

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In Memory Of Dr Wayne Dyer

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Wayne Dyer born in Michigan U.S. passed away at home in Hawaii on 30th August 2015, exactly 41 years after the same day on 30th August 1974. when he went to his father’s grave in Mississippi and after which he wrote his first of many books, “Your Erroneous Zones”, and which to date has sold over 60 million copies.

Along my spiritual journey I have come across many spiritual teachers with Wayne Dyer being one teacher to be noted.

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