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How To Change The ‘Proudly Powered By WordPress’ Text In The Footer Of Twenty Seventeen

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The default Twenty Seventeen site footer has information text stating “Proudly powered by WordPress’ that links to The text and link can be changed.

The default footer text and link.

The changed footer text and link.

Where and how to change the footer text and link.

On your server’s WordPress installation go to the WordPress Root > wp-content > themes > twentyseventeen > template-parts > footer, and download the file site-info.php

Open the file in your preferred text editor (I use EditPad Pro) and change the PHP code as follows…

Change this PHP code:

To this PHP code:

Note: the new link in the code below is and the new text is Customized by Bharat Karavadra

Now upload this file back to where it was on your server.

That’s it.

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