Classrooms And Computers For Orphans

April 9, 2014

There are orphans like Santosh and Cynthia (photo) who are looked after, educated and raised as family by The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission in India:

In July 2013, the Mission launched their then greatest project, a school for the children at the Mission and for the outside community who pay fees to help support the school.

Here is a primary class at the school:

This is Clifton Shipway:


He is a Director of The Mission and also a team member of a campaign to help raise funds for desks, a new school bus, more classrooms and computers for the existing orphans and about a 100 more coming soon to the school.

Clifton and his campaign team, Rick Shipway, John Marshall and Jim Hilgedick have  already raised over $24,000 for desks and the new school bus, and the children are grateful:


Your support is now required for more classrooms and computers.

Click here for more information and to donate.



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