Consciousness, Energy, Humans, And Everything

As everything and everyone is made up of vibrating energy, the question arises, what does vibrating energy vibrate in?

Firstly, let’s define energy, and not being overly scientifically minded, I looked up various articles on energy on the Internet, and the easiest definition I found that the mind could relate to is that matter, at it’s tiniest observable level, is energy. So energy is matter, or as Einstein put it, E=mc².

In science, consciousness is often referred to as the zero point field.

It is also said that human consciousness is connected to energy and that human consciousness can influence the behavior of energy and even re-structure it.

So it seems that consciousness, or the zero point field, is in which vibrating energy exists.

As in the post titled “The Law Of Attraction And Frequency“, everything and everyone is made up of vibrating energy.

We can then say that we as humans, as vibrating energy, exist in consciousness (or the zero point field), and so consciousness (or the zero point field) is also in us and everything.

So, consciousness and vibrating energy are intertwined and perhaps linked and as energy can vibrate at low and high frequencies, the varying vibrational rates may also have an impact on consciousness and vice versa.

So what are the practical experiences and applications of variations of consciousness and energy frequency vibrations?

I hope to write to about consciousness and energy frequency vibrations and in the meantime, please share your comments and questions below.

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