Deep Change or Slow Death?

Those words by Dr Robert E. Quinn from the movie Choice Point by the Choice Point Movement say it all about where life for humanity seems to be at.

I’ve been researching human behaviour, personal growth and especially climate change experiences for a few months and recently came to a realisation from the research and observations that many people and organisations have been involved in.


The realisation is that humans seem to have between at worst 15 years, to at best about 90 years, before most forms of sentient life that humans know of on this planet earth could become extinct, including humans themselves.

There are many factors influencing factors putting sentient life on earth at risk but the major factors seems to be over production, consumption and waste, and the lack of compassion for basic human rights, dignity and growth requirements.

I wanted to write an article about the risk factors and what we can do to change the predicted fate but it never got written as every time I wanted to start writing, my mind just saw a book needing to be created and that a short article would no get the message across…And that seems to be the problem; the message just does not seem to be getting through, but if you watch the movie An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s presentation should get the message across.

As I said, the words “Deep Change or Slow Death” stood out for me when I saw the following trailer of Choice Point on my Google+ home page.

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