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I recently met someone after over a year ago who had a form of cancer, were cleared of it, and have due what seems to be a regular check-up.

I am not detailing the form of cancer as it may personally identify the person.

I noticed them eating something quite sweet which may have been comprised of sugar.

I advised the person that they should perhaps cut down (I actually meant stop eating) such sugared foods.

I said what I said as sugar has been found to be consumed more by cancer cells than normal cells, and there may be a possibility that sugar may contribute to the persistence and growth of cancer cells.

I had met and exchanged correspondence with this person previously, and on a few occasions from just after they had been diagnosed of having cancer, and also during their treatment.

During these previous few exchanges of dialogue, I recall advising the person and someone close to them of being careful of the nature of the food intake and especially sugar (refined sugar).

I recall on one occasion, repeating myself about not eating sugar and the person informed me that they did not eat sugar.

This was over a year ago and their reply now to my advice about not eating sugar was that life was too short.

From my perspective of life, I did not agree and so I did not express my opinion, and without detailing the reasoning here, I will leave my opinion at that.

I ask you to contemplate the above scenario, and more so in respect to your approach in managing thoughts, desires, and aspirations especially after facing and moving beyond challenging life situations.

If you feel stuck for choices and how to approach challenging life situations, then you can feel slightly re-assured.

I have been in a place where my mind did not have answers to a not-nice place in life where I found myself.

After making a request to the universe to have my life back, I discovered experiences and techniques which both helped create the space to discover how I got myself and also “move beyond” where I was.

My journey led me to a knowing that I could not have my life back, as furthering the then direction of my human existence in life would have created more suffering for me.

I now know that I had to choose life, and not my life.

If you make the choice to find a way to better experience life, and would like help with your life situation, you can contact me in confidence, and I can share my research and experiences.

Live long and prosper.

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