Freedom Out Of The Spiritual Closet

I have been researching psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual experiences and practicing energy transmutation techniques since 2007.

The word energy refers to the internal waves, movements, contractions and dissipations of energy which are the emotions we have as humans, and which we label by the two polarities of negative to positive emotions. There is also external energy in the form of the external universe that we live in as human beings.

The word transmutation refers to creating a significant positive or expansive change internally especially to dissipate the perception of negative thoughts, emotions, and actions which can often have an effect on external physical reality.

The word techniques refers, in the simplest terms, to methods that can be practically used.

Even though references to the research and practice had been posted for a few months, I had not verbally made many people aware till more recently.

The reactions from some of those whom I have made aware seem to convey what I informed them as being some temporary phase I may be going through, and perhaps due to a few recent challenges in life. The latter reasoning is true but the research and practice have been quite an intensive vocation for about seven years which has not been apparent to many people including those who think they know me and are close to me.

The spiritual journey, which is as best as I can describe the past seven years, has been and perhaps required to be a solitary experience. That does not mean I was alone, as I had spiritual researchers, teachers, and practitioners to help along the way, but most people I knew could not and would not partake in nor probably understand the journey.

Fortunately, there have been a few people who have known of my journey who have let me be and go through the stages of metaphorical cocooning and metamorphosis, and I truly wish to thank those of you for your acceptance and understanding.

I am not sure whether I am still in those stages of cocooning or metamorphosis, but I am sure that the universe will make it clear as and when appropriate.

This post had been in the process of being written, re-written and left as a draft for about a week as I somewhat did not have the courage to publish it and make it live.

I have spent most of my vocational career involved in project kicks start and delivery and also interactive electronic technology, and announcing myself being into energy work and spirituality created an internal fear that I may not be accepted and that such an announcement may have a negative affect on my existing work and relationships.

After leaving this post as a draft for a few days, I saw a video a Google+ post containing a video with a courageous speech by Ellen Page at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation “Time to Thrive” Conference.

At the event, Ellen “came out” as being gay and the empathy I had with Ellen yearning to express herself provided me the uplifting feelings and courage to finish this post and publish it.

So, for those of you who know me for everything else I do, this post may seem quite odd, shocking, or nonsensical, or you may actually be OK by it, but it is my way of saying that I was quite serious when I mentioned my research on physical, emotional and spiritual experiences and transmutation techniques.

For those of you who did not know, you do now, and this is my way of coming out of the spiritual closet.

For those of you still wondering what energy transmutation is, following is a brief, real-life, personal and recent example of an experience of energy transmutation.

Some call such energy transmutation, remote healing or distant healing.

About eight months ago, I had a negative experience, and for many months thereafter continued to have harrowing negative thoughts and emotions of the experience which were affecting my day to day activities.

It felt like both the perfect opportunity and a necessity to apply some energy transmutation techniques that I was researching and refined over a few years.

The intention was to lessen and eventually eliminate the negative thoughts and emotions.

The following is a bit more detail of what happened:

I met some business managers whose business required development and I offered to help and they accepted. After working with them for a couple of months, we had what I thought what would be a regular meeting.

However, instead of having the usually polite and constructive meeting, the managers got quite nasty with inappropriate and quite foul remarks.

During the previous few months of the working relationship I had with the people, I did not think that they had it in them to say what they did, and in any other instance when clients did not like what I did for them, I have constructive conversations to move matters forward.

However, with this experience, the remarks really got to me and stayed with me in so much that I could not see any way forward in ever having a constructive relationship with the people.

I got so negatively emotional that I did not want to see the people again and I knew any further meetings would be totally dysfunctional, but as I was managing other services for the business it seemed impossible to not see them again.

I used the energy transmutation techniques to help lessen the intense negative thoughts and emotions I was having from the experience and not wanting to meet the people again.

The office of business was on walking route to other people and places I often visited. Instead of walking past the office as usual, I got in the car, deliberately drove past without looking at the office, parked up out so that the offices were out of sight, and then went to visit other people and places.

I used the energy transmutation techniques to help lessen the negative thoughts and emotions I was having from the experience, not wanting to meet the people, and not wanting to walk past the office.

A few months later, I met or saw the people once or twice and it was simply not a nice experience.

I used the energy transmutation techniques to help lessen the negative thoughts and emotions I was having of the experience, not wanting to meet the people but meeting them again and having an unpleasant experience, and not wanting to walk past the office.

A few months later, the people contacted me about another matter and the conversation was again very dysfunctional.

I used the energy transmutation techniques to help lessen the negative thoughts and emotions I was having from the experience, not wanting to meet the people but meeting and speaking to them again and having an unpleasant experience, and not wanting to walk past the office.

I carried on using the car, driving past without looking, parking up, and then visiting the other people and places.

I used the energy transmutation techniques to help lessen the negative thoughts and emotions I was having of every aspect of negative experiences I was having from the first dysfunctional meeting.

Seven months later, someone told me the business had closed down, and I didn’t believe them as the business was there for tens of years.

A couple of weeks later what I was told about the business came back to mind and to check, I got in the car, drove past the office during business hours, looked at the office and there was no sign of activity.

I used the energy transmutation techniques to help lessen the negative thoughts and emotions I was having of the experience, not wanting to meet the people but meeting and speaking to them again and having an unpleasant experience, and not wanting to walk past the office.

About eight months after having the initial unpleasant experience and transmuting the negative thoughts and emotions, I managed to walk to and in front of the office during business hours, and the doors were closed and there seemed to be no activity inside.

I pulled out my mobile phone from my pocket and took the above photo to remember the experience of being able to walk on this pavement, but more so to celebrate the freedom from eight months of negative thoughts and emotions from simply how a few people acted and what they said to me.

In the past, I would have blamed others for how they behaved or myself in not being able to manage my emotions. I have however since learned that we have conditioning and programming in us from the past, and possibly from past generations (yes, past generations), and it is this condition and programming together with our actions and re-actions that create and re-create our reality.

I have learned that it is for us to change how we act and re-act to both our perceptions of external reality and more importantly to internal thoughts and emotions in order to basically have a happier and expansive experience of life.

By an expansive experience, I am referring to the betterment of both internal thoughts and emotions and external reality, where changes occur in ways that create space for growth and evolution; basically something new and better.

Going back to my story, as the business had seemed to have closed down, I thought it a professional courtesy to contact the people to confirm my observations and the ongoing requirement of the other managed services, and I was quite hesitant in wanting a reply from them.

Surprisingly, I received a calm and polite reply from one of the people informing me that someone had offered to buy the business and it was sold and being re-developed, which explained why the offices appeared to be closed.

The managed services were therefore no longer required which was again a great relief for me as I would no longer require interacting with the people.

In one way or another, what happened seemed to be a positive and evolving outcome for all.

I have since been in awe of what happened in this example of internal energy transmutation and also in other examples that I have experienced. Perhaps you may not be able to relate to how awesome the above outcome was but if you experienced the thoughts and emotions I was having, how they were affecting day to day activities, and you knew the details of the happenings, then you would truly understand the awe.

It may seem to the mind that using energy transmutation techniques may create unwanted changes but that is not the intention, nor is it the actual result when an outcome is reflected upon especially at a later date.

The intention of energy transmutation is to dissipate unwanted internal thoughts and emotions, however from my research and practice of energy transmutation, external reality can often change as a result and the outcome being positively expansive for all.

As stated, there is more in-depth detail about the happenings in the example above which could have provided awesome interpretations and insights for you from the outcome, but some of what happened is quite sensitive and hence prefer the personal confidentiality, and also this post would become too long for an easy read and for yo to get an overview and understanding of energy transmutation.

As I mentioned before, I have experienced many other “reality changes” when using energy transmutation and in many and various areas of life,.

Some experiences have could be defined as being small and some as quite major and for a wide variety of negatively perceived experiences including health, relationships, wealth, and vocation.

More importantly and usefully what is experienced after transmutation creates a TRUE knowing about YOUR reality and HOW and WHY YOU HAVE experienced life as YOU HAVE BEEN DOING.

In future, I may write about my and others’ experiences of using energy transmutation techniques and I also may start running courses. but for now, if you are having negative experiences and this post resonates with or interests you in helping with happiness and freedom, then please read this.

I thank all the spiritual researchers, practitioners, publishers and teachers that have helped over the years, and who are still helping now. I cannot express in words how your findings and teachings have changed my perception of life, and what I thought I knew and required to know about this reality we live in as humans.

It is also difficult to describe in words the sense of freedom and self-acceptance I have felt on many occasions after transmutation such as when I stood on the pavement in the example above.

However, watch Ellen Page’s reactions in her speech below and perhaps Ellen’s feelings may convey those of mine.

Thank you Ellen for a great, courageous and uplifting speech, and thank you all for reading.

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