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Have A Great 2017, And Create Your Awesome Experience Of Life

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My first words for the New Year are also my last words for you.

The following few lines may not sound very lively to begin the new year with, but please bet patient and read on.

I once read, or heard somewhere, that if I knew I was dying, what message or advice would I give…

…And that message or advice would be very valuable information for people… for you.

So, if I was dying right now, below is the most important knowing and advice I would give to everyone…

  1. Stop whatever you usually do in life — right now.
  2. If you’re unhappy about a life situation move on to point 3, otherwise go to point 6.
  3. Raise your level of consciousness over anything especially negative that you experience.
  4. When you feel at peace or better about at least one of negative experience in your situation in life, go down to step 6.
  5. Get support with the techniques in point 3, do what you really have to in life, and go to point 3.
  6. Do what you really feel like doing, until you don’t, and then carry on to point 7.
  7. Restart at point 3. Yes, you do this forever.

…on finding the right courses and support for what to do in point 3, you will eventually create your own ways of doing all of the above, and…

…you will break free of unhappiness and negativity by experiencing your true desires and joys, what you really need, and the answers to your questions about life, all come to you.

I feel so strongly about my experience behind the message that I am creating a course that you can take titled ‘Experience Your Happiness, Truth, And Freedom In Life’.

Read the rest of the message which has a new page on this site linked to it from the top menu… it’s called “My Last Words“.

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