GTA Nostalgia

Sat in the exact room where about 25 years ago I used to play computer games such as Menace and Lemmings that fed my passion for creativity and technology, I am now experiencing the nostalgic launch of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V with the creative input by some of the same members who created the games I played back in the 1980’s.

Grand Theft Auto

Nostalgia in the air for both what and who was “there” 25 years ago, the experiences life has since provided me and others over years, and a deep understanding of what and who “can be” and is possible in our experience of life as human and, on topic, from looking at the video previews of GTA V.

I remember playing GTA I a little but it was actually GTA III with the person and camera eye view 3D that impressed me. Not only was the attention to detail of the 3D world amazing with the immense number of objects and people you could tinker with, but the story and game play were on a kin to novels and movies, albeit somewhat of adult nature and other topics that humanity perhaps need to veer unconscious attention from, and kept me persistently wanting to complete one mission after another.

I remember the missions getting a bit too difficult after a while and with adventures in the real world became more interesting, my attention to computer gaming slowly withdrew.

But now in 2013 and seeing the graphics and animations, reading write-ups about the size and features of the game play of GTA 5 ,the original attraction to the game has somewhat re-surfaced from within and I seem to want to experience the game again.

I don’t have a PlayStation 3 to play GTA V on and the game does not seem to have been officially announced for the PC yet, but I’m keeping my eyes out for the PlayStation 4 for which, if released, GTA 5 should be amazing in current standards.

Have a look at the GTA 5 trailer first below, in HD where available, then the game play for each of the GTA series of games with the last two videos being of GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online. You will see the leaps and bounds the graphics and game play have taken over the years.

Congratulations to the the team from DMA Design and Rockstar for sticking with “it”.

Please note the videos will probably contain adult image and audio content.

GTA V : GTA 5 Official Trailer

The Journey:

GTA I : Grand Theft Auto 1 Mission #1: Liberty City Chapter 1


GTA II : Grand Theft Auto 2: Mission #1 – Bank Robbery!


GTA III : GTA 3: Mission #1- Give Me Liberty and Luigi’s Girls


GTA IV : Grand Theft Auto 4 – Mission #1 – The Cousins Bellic


GTA V : Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video


GTA V Online: Official Gameplay Video

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