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I have been testing an Internet hosting supplier in the United States for the past few days as most of the sites that I help host and develop are more increasingly relying on WordPress, and with the ongoing development of WordPress, its plugins and themes, more server resources are now required which my existing server supplier in the UK cannot cater for at what I believe to be an acceptable fee for start-ups, small businesses and personal sites.

The WordPress administration areas having been creating errors with the current host which technical people can work around but are not very friendly and can become annoying and an unnecessary worry for people who simply want to create and develop their business online.

I’ve managed to move the most complex WordPress installation I had over to the new host, and it being complex as it is a multisite WordPress installation, and apart from having to go through a learning curve for the new hosting administration systems and features, the site works wonderfully without errors, it seems faster working from the U.S. than the current UK hosting, and it should hopefully help to provide better website services and features to Clients to help them more easily create and develop WordPress and other Open Source application based websites and at more reasonable fees.

So for the past few days my reality has been more an upbeat learning process becoming re-familiar to the dynamic energy of people in the United States after not working with them for many years, rather than a prior period of a winding down and preparation for an intimate Christmas break.

However, on a last minute journey to the local supermarket for a couple of chickens (I don’t like to do turkey) which I can roast tomorrow for the house and an elderly person who lives alone, I found many people with a similar upbeat spirit in what seemed like a union of a desire to complete preparation for hosting for Christmas, and hopefully beyond.

So the message seems to be that we sometimes have to be do a lot of last minute running around, both locally and internationally, and both physically and virtually, to become a good or perhaps a great host.

Have a great Christmas.

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