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The operations director of the India India restaurants wanted a website that reflected the India India brand.

I developed a site using photos, shapes and colours that were used within the restaurants to design a site that reflected the contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurants.

The home page shows a 360 animated and interactive view using flash of the restaurant and the about page shows more detailed photographs. These pages in themselves give a quick and concise comprehension of the India India brand.

Restaurant Website Design I also recommended and developed an online reservation system that would give a discount for reservations made online.

A newsletter feature was added to send news about offers and developments at the restaurants. This helped in building a closer relationship with existing and potential customers.

A simply takeaway order page was added which could eventually be developed to take orders from the site with real-time credit card processing. Again this would offer a discount over making an offline order.

The feedback from the Operations Director and other people that he showed the site to was that it definitely presented well the India India brand and the online reservation booking system was nicely finished off.

The business no longer exists as it may have been sold on, so I have hosted the site as a demonstration on my site here.

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