Is True Manifestation Synchronous?

You may have heard or know about attracting and manifesting your desires by applying your thoughts and feelings to create what you want.

If not then there is no need for me to detail the concept in this post as there are many references to it.

It was commonly called “The Law of Attraction” a few years ago, it’s also referred to as Manifesting.

Watch the the following introduction by Bob Proctor to the movie The Secret and to The Law of Attraction.

The Secret movie and the above introduction present that you can somewhat manifest something with thinking and feeling.

I would like to present another concept for manifestation.

I believe that true manifestation just happens without a person’s desire, thought, intention and in the most simplest words, without expectation.

The only way I can explain what I mean by true manifestation is with an example from personal experience.

I was renovating my mother and father’s house and part of the renovation work required decoration of the lounge walls and ceilings, which I simply made brighter to make the room look more open and spacious. However once the walls and ceiling had been painted the room looked a bit too simple and clinical and could not think of what to do, and so I continued on with other renovation work throughout the house.

A few days later, I had an impulse to create a contracting band at waste level all around the room and in a bright red, which I thought to myself as being an odd thought and especially the bright red colour.

I dismissed the thought thinking that a “better” or less “dramatic idea would come to me, however for the next few days, I could not get the thought of having a red band out of my head and I could not even think of any other option as I actually started to see the red band on the walls in my imagination.

I stopped resisting the idea and looked at some of the local DIY stores’ websites for wallpaper borders that I could glue to the wall, but they did not have anything resembling the colour that I had in my mind, and so I thought I’d go to a local store to see if they had anything there. There we no wallpaper borders in the red that I wanted but there was a full wallpaper roll in exactly the red I wanted and with textured that I liked and I immediately purchased it thinking that I would cut it into appropriate width bands to create the border myself, and which I did and glued to the wall around the room.

Now, let me introduce my mother into the story. Before the above scenario with the red border, whilst I was renovating the house, she insisted on tidying and cleaning after the slightest bit of mess which was slowing the actual renovation work. As I could see sight of the messy parts of the renovation work being completed within a few weeks, I asked her as politely as I could to go and spend a few weeks with some friends and relatives and to have a break from the cleaning, and so that I could spend undisturbed continuous time renovating and doing the tidying and cleaning in one go towards the end of the work.

When my mother came back, I had completed the red band around the lounge walls and was working on other rooms in the house. She started looking around the house and did not comment much except for the red band in the lounge. She asked why I had put red on the wall and I can only describe her expression as a concerned and surprised and I simply told her that I did not know but just felt using a contracting colour and that red was the first colour that came to me and that if it was OK too keep it as the initial joy of renovation was diminishing and I really did not want to take it off and do it again. She did not comment and I took that as keeping the red.

After all the renovation work was done which was a few weeks later, my mother decided to renew the sofa seating in the lounge and so new sofas were chosen, purchased and arrived a couple of weeks later, and I offered the old sofas to some nearby students for free who kindly accepted them.

The day after the new sofa seating had been fitted, I put back the old sofa cushions and my mother came in and said that she had purchased new covers for the sofa cushions whilst she was away and that the old ones could be used elsewhere or given away. She went upstairs to her room and brought the new sofa cushions back to the lounge and they contained a pattern which had a red and warm cream design which perfectly matched the wall colours and she did not say much but her facial expression implied that, it was for the coincidence, that she looked both surprised and concerned when she first saw the red border, and if I were her, I probably would have been concerned and surprised of the synchronicity.

Some visitors to the house have since commented that the cushions and walls match well, but as this was no actually intended, but with the acceptance of the result of the synchronous manifestation, it remains a question how the synchronicity happened, but again must say that it happened and it was accepted and hence perhaps true manifestation is synchronous.


Rhonda Byrne : For creating The Secret.
Bob Proctor : Speaker and teacher of the Law Of Attraction.

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