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It’s getting to a stage in life where this site is not expansive enough as way the technology was initially set-up on this site, it may be difficult in future to incorporate different branded and conceptual areas.

I also wish to move more in depth into the research of personal growth and betterment of experiences of life, which I have been quite intensely researching for many years, and that is why those of you who used to see me, have not seen me, and as my recent journey has been more within, rather than out there.

I have not expressed myself and shared as much as I wanted to about what I have been doing and where I have “been”, but the feeling to do so has been growing, and from what I have experienced my recent journey and experience is not just about me and for me, and so I am creating a new site from scratch by bringing together two old blog sites that I had.

Thank you for your patience and speak soon.

Appreciation: : The publishing system that runs this site.
Matt Mullenweg : A founder of WordPress.
Email Uzelacv : Creator of the Responsive WordPress theme.

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