Just a little note to say thanks…

“Just a little note to say thanks…

From: Clifton Shipway
To: Bharat Karavadra
Date: 25 June 2041 09:57

Hey Bharat,

I know it’s been quite a while since you have heard from us but we wanted to send through this little video link of a thank you message that we put together just for you. We really do appreciate your support with our Indiegogo campaign.

Anyway, here is a link to your video –feel free to share it with your friends:


Thanks once again,

Clifton Shipway
Deputy Director
The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission
Website: www.IndianOrphanage.com

The campaign started simply as a request for school desks for orphans, but with the overwhelming contributions not only were there funds for desks but also for other school furniture, a new school bus and for completing six new classrooms.

Here’s a video with Rick Shipway, father of Clifton, about how they built the desks themselves.


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  1. volunteer449 avatar

    Hopechennai has giving life to many orphanage children and mentally challenged children who were in need of love . kindly help us
    donate to children in need

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