Ms S’,

I deny your allegations of pressure and coercion. Krystal told me that she did not want to have the Covid vaccine based on the information I provided her, specifically in brief that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated and proved to be the cause of the so called Covid-19 disease and its symptoms, hence how a vaccine and all other related suggestions for health can be created and prescribed are questionable.

The vaccines are not traditional vaccines in that they are mRNA gene therapies re-labelled as vaccines, as claimed by a contributing inventor of the therapies (and other professionals), and that they have never worked. The so-called vaccines create the spike protein for which the formula has been manufactured in a computer or mind model because as above the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been proved to exist in physical reality. It is claimed that because the mRNA technology has not worked or been tested properly, no one knows when the spike protein will stop the body in creating an immune response, hence there is a possibility of the body continuously creating an autoimmune response which can harm the body or kill the person. Traditional vaccines take over 10 years to develop with years of safety trials which have not been conducted with the so called Covid vaccines.

Recent scientific research has shown that there are no pathogenic viruses, and that they are bi- products of the body’s detoxification process and/or the results of preparing and looking at tissue which is dying outside the body. Control experiments show that the same results are created as those when searching for viruses, hence the whole field of virology is questionable.

As I have said and have practice of, and as claimed by other healing and medical professionals, attention to nutrition, exercise, and removing conscious and subconscious stress maintains a healthy body. Other therapies and medicine may be required in states closer to emergencies related to bad health which Krystal is not in.

Very recent observations are showing that the Covid-19 injections are damaging the natural immune system, and an analysis of the official UK Health Security Agency data strongly suggests most of the triple vaccinated population are just weeks away from developing full blown Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

There is plenty more research and reports of natural immunity being better and safer than taking the covid vaccine, and in fact, than taking any vaccine.

Due to the nature of your SMS today, this email has been prepared as quickly as possible and links to specifics mentioned above and further information can be provided on request.

If you have information which proves that the above is inaccurate, and that the covid vaccine is better and safer for Krystal’s health than her not being given it or than natural immunity, and information containing your reasoning for providing consent and seemingly encouraging Krystal to take the covid vaccine when she was previously totally against it based on what I have advised her then please provide such information and I will be happy to consider it.

In the meantime, the above is a brief outline of my reasoning for not giving consent, and as you have not provided your reasons for giving consent, it seems Krystal has been encouraged to take the covid vaccine without sufficient or relevant information, and hence, with no disrespect to Krystal, she does not have the capacity of knowledge or experience to understand the risks of taking the covid vaccine. Therefore by writing this email, I am taking responsibility for Krystal’s health, and until you or anyone can prove to me that the information above is inaccurate, I will hold you and any other individual or organisation directly responsible for any adverse effects to Krystal’s health from her taking the covid vaccine or any other vaccine, medication, or treatment that I have not been made aware of or agree to.

Thank you,

 Bharat Karavadra
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