Viruses and viruses in general have come under questioning after recent experiment(s). I hope to research those experiments and update the research below with a summary of the experiment(s) and results.

In the meantime and in general, our focus should be on maintaining and boosting our immune systems using nutritious diet, exercise and removing conscious and sub-conscious stress with the latter practices being demonstrated in the results of the science of epigenetics. Performing these practices, in addition to enjoying what one enjoys in life, is when our immune system functions at an optimal state to heal and evolve us, as also demonstrated in epigenetics.

People who are unwell require more personalised treatment to support them through the virus situations and generally in life.

The research:

I have researched the HPV vaccine called ‘Gardasil’ since concerns about it came into my awareness. The objective of my research is to supplement my transformation and healing practice to help myself and those people I care for

The following information is no specific order however it presents a succinct overview of the relevant parts of the research. If you have any questions, comments or require further clarity, please use the form at the bottom of the page (not my contact page or the chat), and I will reply as best and soon as possible. 

The below DRAFT is related to a requirement to research the HPV vaccine called ‘Gardasil’. However, as above, some of the concerns also apply to vaccines in general.

Concerns with neuro toxic aluminium based adjuvants being added to ‘Gardasil’.

Concerns are expressed over other chemicals, with some being very toxic, added to vaccines, and which have been said to cause other and often critical illnesses and diseases.

The ingredients list of ‘Gardasil’ state an ‘aluminium hydroxy phosphate sulphate adjuvant’. Concerns are raised about aluminium entering the body especially intravenously. The concerns seem to be specifically about aluminium salts and aluminium based adjuvants in medication causing autoimmune disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Autism. These disorders may or may not be in a minority of recipients of ‘Gardasil’ but in context of my research so far stated in this email, I feel that the concern is valid due to the number and types of reported concerns about ‘Gardasil’. See examples that appeared from very quick initial research below.

Please note that it seems to be the same ‘Gardasil’ vaccine by Merck Sharp & Dohm that is being given worldwide, although some countries such as Japan have now stopped giving it due to concerns with it.

  • A review by writers at Imperial College London and Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute which is titled ‘The putative role of environmental aluminium in the development of chronic neuropathology in adults and children. How strong is the evidence and what could be the mechanisms involved?’AT: conclusion of the review which as above titled to be about environmental aluminium not aluminium in vaccinations, it implies that the removal of aluminium from vaccines seems to be a political and financial issue rather than what I feel it should be, namely a health care issue. In this report, it states ‘The use of aluminium salts in medical products is a more contentious issue. While antacids are available which do not contain aluminium salts, the avoidance of immunisations which do not contain aluminium salts as adjuvants has wider political and financial implications. It would seem prudent to try to find an alternative to aluminium adjuvants as soon as possible and phase out their use’.This raises a concern as to why aluminium based chemicals have not been stopped being used in vaccines already, and in this case from the HPV vaccine ‘Gardasil’
  • A lecture/talk with Dr Chris Exley from Keele University, U.K. called ‘Vaccine toxicity due to aluminium adjuvants.’A scientific research-based talk in the Isle of Man that raises concerns with aluminium in vaccine development especially in ‘Gardasil’ and its manufacturer. It reports about the vaccine not having been developed properly especially in the trial stage where a valid placebo was not used, where severe side effects occurred from within minutes of receiving ‘Gardasil’ to years later, and with no safety reports provided by the NHS when requested. There are also other concerning accounts in the talk not listed here.The talk is at,

Lawsuits against the manufacturer of ‘Gardasil’.

There seem to be many law suits against the manufacturer of ‘Gardasil”. I have only listed the 2 recent ones I have discovered.

Other very concerning reports about ‘Gardasil’.

As I have been researching I find more and more reports of ‘Gardasil’ not having been developed appropriately and it containing toxic substances such as those listed below.

  • ‘A placebo is supposed to be an inert substance that looks just like the drug being tested. But in the Gardasil clinical trials, Merck used a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant called AAHS instead of using an inert saline placebo.’
  • ‘When Merck conducted clinical trials for its next HPV vaccine formulation, Gardasil 9, it used Gardasil as the “placebo” in the control groups, again relying on the lack of an inert placebo to mask safety signals.’
  • ‘The World Health Organization states that using a vaccine (rather than an inert substance) as a placebo creates a “methodological disadvantage” and also notes that it may be “difficult or impossible” to assess vaccine safety properly without a true placebo.’
  • ‘In the only Gardasil trial in the target age group (11- and 12-year-old girls) with a control group design, fewer than 1200 children received the vaccine and fewer than 600 served as controls. This single trial involving fewer than 1800 children set the stage for the vaccine’s subsequent marketing to millions of healthy preteens all over the world.’
  • ‘The Gardasil clinical trials had numerous exclusion criteria. Not allowed to participate in the trials were people with: severe allergies; prior abnormal Pap test results; over four lifetime sex partners; a history of immunological disorders and other chronic illnesses; reactions to vaccine ingredients, including aluminum, yeast, and benzonase; or a history of drug or alcohol abuse—yet Merck now recommends Gardasil for all of these groups.’
  • ‘Some of the study participants—but not all—were given “report cards” to record short-term reactions such as redness and itching. The report cards monitored reactions for a mere 14 days, however, and Merck did not follow up with participants who experienced serious adverse events such as systemic autoimmune or menstrual problems.’
  • ‘Half (49.6%) of the clinical trial subjects who received Gardasil reported serious medical conditions within seven months. To avoid classifying these injuries as adverse events, Merck dismissed them as “new medical conditions.’
  • ‘Annual deaths from cervical cancer in the U.S. are 2.3/100,000. The death rate in the Gardasil clinical trials was 85/100,000—or 37 times that of cervical cancer.’
  • ‘The median age of cervical cancer death is 58 years. Gardasil targets millions of healthy preadolescents and teens for whom the risk of dying from cervical cancer is practically zero. Interventions for healthy people must have a risk profile that is also practically zero.’
  • ‘The chances of getting an autoimmune disease from Gardasil, even if the vaccine works, are 1,000 times greater than the chances of being saved from a cervical cancer death. (The link provided above [linked below] goes to the Gardasil package insert. On page 8 of the insert is Table 9—girls/women who reported an “incident condition potentially indicative of a systemic autoimmune disorder”—which shows that 2.3% of Gardasil [and also AAHS] recipients reported an autoimmune disorder, and 2.3% is 2.3 per 100. If you convert that to a per 100,000 rate, it is 2300 per 100,000. The U.S. SEER cancer database shows that for 2016, cervical cancer mortality for all ages/races was 2.24 per 100,000. 2300 is approximately 1000 times greater than 2.24.)LINK:
  • ‘Women in Gardasil clinical trials with evidence of current HPV infection and previous exposure to HPV had a 44% increased risk of developing cervical lesions or cancer following vaccination.’
  • ‘Since Gardasil came on the U.S. market in 2006, people have reported over 450 deaths and over 61,000 serious medical conditions from HPV vaccines to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.’
  • ‘Accumulating evidence points to Gardasil’s potentially severe adverse effects on fertility, including miscarriage and premature ovarian failure.’
  • ‘Merck never tested the vaccine for fertility effects. However, Gardasil and Gardasil 9 clinical trials showed high spontaneous miscarriage rates of 25% and 27.4%, respectively—significantly higher than the background rates of approximately 10%-15% in this reproductive age group.”Polysorbate 80 and sodium borate (Borax) are associated with infertility in animals. Both are Gardasil ingredients, and both were present in the one clinical trial protocol that professed to use a benign saline placebo.’
  • ‘In 2015, Denmark opened five new “HPV clinics” to treat children injured by Gardasil. Over 1300 cases flooded the clinics shortly after their opening.’
  • ‘Merck lied to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) about the case of Christina Tarsell’s death, falsely claiming that her doctor blamed a virus instead of Gardasil.’
  • ‘Around the world, over 100,000 Gardasil-related adverse events have now been reported to the FDA and WHO, and accounts continue to multiply of “scandal, lawsuits, severe injuries, and deaths.”’

The above statements are from where there are further links in some of the reports.

Concerns about aluminium.

  • ‘According to a study published in Scientific Reports, “the brain is a target tissue for accumulation of aluminum.” The study confirms previous research that higher levels of aluminum exist in the brain tissue of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and multiple sclerosis.The many toxic effects of aluminum include:-Impairing cognitive and motor function-Altering of DNA, chromatin RNA structure-Inducing autoimmune interactions and macrophagic myofasciitis, a rare muscle disease-Blocking neuronal signaling-Binding to protein and affecting protein function-Inhibiting antioxidant enzyme action-Interfering with synaptic transmission and disrupting mitochondria and organelles in cells
  • ‘There is no human safety testing data on AAHS [amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate].’

See for the above reports: 

A statement from the manufacturer of ‘Gardasil’.


Updated on 28th November 02021.

There may be other relevant information which I hope to publish as soon as I can.

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