Meditation can resolve larger situations outside your self

Severe crimes reduced by meditation

In a 7 day scientific research study from 7th June to 30th July 1993 (in approximately 53 days), 4000 participants of meditation programs reduced HRA crimes (homicide, rape & assault) in Washington D.C. by up to 23.3%.

It was calculated that if the effect continued after the study with a permanent group of such 4000 participants, there would be a long term effect of reducing the same crimes by 48%.


Springer Link (Effects of Group Practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington, D.C.: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June–July 1993)

How it’s possible to affect the sun and why.

If you do the maths using the flat area of Washington D.C. in the United States and scale up to the circular area of the sun, 4.18 million similar meditation participants could have a 23.3% affect on an existing condition of the sun.

Note that’s only about a 5th of the current 8 billion or so of the earth’s human population. 

So with the whole population having the know how of the meditation participants, it’s possible to have an affect on the sun that is about 5 times greater or have about a 100% shift in a condition of the sun.

Calculation Sources:

New World Encyclopedia (area of Washington D.C. being 177km2 with the square root being 13.3km wide)
Worldometer (World population being about 8 billion people on writing this post)

Why would you want to affect the sun?

The earth moves around the sun, and both the sun and our solar system moves around the Milky Way galaxy at about 514,500 miles per hour (read this for more information about that).

It could become possible that our sun’s trajectory may be become too close a course to another solar system, or something else that is very large, and so there could be a possibility of a collision.

If even a slight shift of the sun’s course could affect its trajectory and prevent the collision, then that would be the reason why meditation could be used to affect the sun.

Reality and how to affect life situations that are undesirable.

You can learn about the reality of your life situations, and how to transform and heal especially undesirable life situations. Click on the respective links in the last sentence.

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