Mice Show How Our Limitations Are Handed Down Over Generations Without Knowing

Experiments that condition mice show how beliefs and behaviour are handed down over generations without knowing.

I was reading an article about the law of attraction and how it’s not our fault that we can’t get what we want because it has nothing to do with us.

I can relate to this because I believe we can get what we want, but what we want is desired from limitations of conditioning from our past, and from perhaps past generations.

The article mentioned how a man showed a woman a scientific case study about mice having issues attracting what she wanted.

He showed the woman a case study that was run on a group of male mice in a laboratory.

The mice were conditioned every day since birth to fear the scent of cherry blossoms.

The scent of cherry blossom was released where the mice were.

At the same time, the floor of where the mice lived was vibrated.

The releasing of the scent and vibrating of the floor was continued until the mice reacted with fear when they only smelt the cherry blossom (without vibrating the floor).

How parents pass down behaviour to offspring without their knowing.

The same male mice were bred with female mice who were not a part of the cherry blossom experiment.

The offspring had the same fearful reaction to the smell of cherry blossoms that the father had, even though they never felt the floor vibrate in their lives.

It was later discovered that the same fear was passed down from a parent to a child mouse for six generations.

The case study went on to conclude that conditional fear is passed down from parent to child, and the child experiences the same fear, without ever knowing why.

The conversation between the man and the woman went on to say that this type of passed down behaviour is the same for all living beings.

Therefore our beliefs about money, joy, feelings, health, lifestyle, relationships, material things, and our life purpose can be, and could well be conditioning from our parents and ancestors.

Our struggles, beliefs and fears could have been created and learned by our ancestors hundreds of years ago.

That conditioning from before we and our parents were born creates our beliefs about what we can and cannot do or achieve, and without perhaps ever discovering why.

That perhaps explains why many people accept their limitations, as perhaps that’s all they and their ancestors experienced and know.

Therefore our behaviour can be mostly if not totally unconscious or subconscious.

How to undo beliefs and fears from the past.

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The dissolution and insights also create the space for us to transcend, heal and move on from limiting beliefs and undesirable life situations.

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