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For the past 11 years or so, the site of The HoBB used the Movable Type publishing platform.

I stopped supporting Movable Type many years ago as I had started using WordPress and so a couple of years ago I suggested upgrading The HoBB’s site from movable type to WordPress platform.

Even though most of the work was done within a few weeks, it was quite a journey.

After trying many import and export methods and plugins to migrate the entries in the movable type database to that of WordPress, I unfortunately could not find a way or plugin to the job in entirety without having to manually check all the Posts’ HTML in WordPress.

The main issue was that the HTML from Movable Type was not being inserted into the WordPress database so that the Posts in WordPress had exactly the same content as in Entries of Movable Type. Why?… I simply don’t know and it was taking far too long to work out why, and so I eventually copied and pasted the content formatting and re-created links in the WordPress posts from the Entries in Movable Type.

I created a quite a simple customized child theme from the Twenty Thirteen theme so that the new WordPress based site was responsive and worked well on phones, tablets and larger screen laptops and computers.

The site looks and works quite simply as that is what was required, and even though from a technical or design perspective the site or job looks simple, believe me I am now so happy that we have a recent and update-able publishing system using WordPress rather than the 11 year old Movable Type system that had not been upgraded for all those years.

Once the site has been tested a bit further and all interested are happy with the new WordPress site, re-directs from the Movable Type published Entries, Categories and other published pages will be created to the equivalent WordPress Posts, Pages and Categories.

Click here to take a look at the updated The HoBB site using WordPress, and if you want a thorough job done and help in migrating an existing site…

Contact me to get your site migrated to WordPress.

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