Nothing Matters

The above two words, and specifically the singular words “nothing” and “matter” come from “my” experience and INSIGHTS from the process of spiritual awakening, and bringing it’s awareness, teachings and healing to both my self, other people, and life situations.

The concepts of both the singular of the words, “nothing” and “matter”, and the words as a whole, “nothing matters”, represent both different and one perspective of life.

We mostly grow up to be conditioned to believe that everything matters. When I use the word “everything” I mean both internal things such as thoughts, beliefs, emotions and intellectual knowledge, and also external things such as events, situations, and other experiences of the “thingness” of the universe, including the interaction with people, animals, nature and human made material forms.

I have discovered from both personal experience and the experience of others that we can get to a point in life where we realise that everything that we thought of or believed that mattered actually does not matter anymore, and that it no longer “works” for us.

We can then get delusional in the form of frustration, resentment, anger, fear, depression, paranoia and other such negative mis-perceptions of life.

In the simplest terms, everything that we thought we knew and believed in, in some way, no longer matters and an inner intangible KNOWING knows it is all untrue, and hence what we thought we knew and believed in can and must only be an illusion.

So, depending on your life situation, the knowing of things may matter and “work” for you, or such knowing may not work for you anymore and so you may or may not be searching for or having a yearning for some KNOWING in the form of an answer to your not knowing and questions of life.

It is these two perceptions of knowing of things, in that things matter, and the not knowing of things, in that nothing matters, is what have inspired the logo of this site. The infinity symbol of the logo represents eternal life, the grey represents everything and the white represents nothing or “no thing”.

To help you understand what I am writing about, the paraphrasing of the word nothing to “no thing” is a good start and I must give credit of paraphrasing to Eckhart Tolle and to “Sailor” Bob Adamson for the confirmation.

Without no thing, all things would simply not exist.

As an exemplary and metaphorical explanation and one that is appropriate to the date of this post, on Christmas Day you may celebrate Christmas or you may be doing something else.

Whatever you are doing on Christmas Day, you are doing what you are doing because there was or is no Christmas Day.

That last sentence may sound absurd or true to you depending on your perception of life, but the following is an explanation:

Before Jesus existed, there was no Christmas Day and hence you could only celebrate Christmas Day by their initially being no Christmas Day.

If you are doing something else on Christmas Day, even though you may or may not have a knowing or desire of the day’s existence and its expectations, you are doing something as if there is no Christmas Day.

In both situations, at some point in the past or now, there was or is no Christmas Day and hence the Christmas Day can only exist when it did not exist as “no thing”.

So what is the “no thing”?

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