Overcoming A 30 Year Fear Of Dogs Over About 4 Days With About 2 Hours Of ‘Work’.

With about 30 minutes of daily internal ‘work’ for about 4 days, I overcame my 30 year fear of dogs without being near a dog, or a dog consultant, or any other coach.

I used a meditation that helps to transform and heal undesirable situations.

I kept this result mostly to myself for many years because I was on quite an intense introspective journey.

This journey started after asking for what I was missing when everything I knew and believed in stopped ‘working’ for me.

My mind simply did not have the answers for why everything around me was falling apart.

That’s a story in itself, but let’s get back to overcoming the fear of dogs.

I recall that my fear of dogs started when I was about 8 years old when our direct neighbours kept two dogs in their front garden.

These dogs were an Alsatian / German Shephard and the other seemed like a Doberman, and so for me as an 8-year-old, they were quite big dogs.

They were always on the other side of a see-through wooden slatted fence between the two front gardens.

And they were almost always there every day when I returned home from school.

As soon as I got near the front of the house, the dogs always barked loudly and I really felt those barks get into me.

I remember the whole experience being quite aggressive, and I would often not be able to walk down the garden path to open or knock on the front door.

I cannot even now remember how I got into the house. Perhaps I waited for someone else, or one of my parents to arrive and accompany me down the path.

I also recall walking around the block and approaching the house from the other end of the street.

That did not help, and so I would again wait outside or go to relatives of my father who lived across the street.

On a few occasions, I do recall having the courage to walk down the path to the front door, all I remember is the size of the dogs and the ferocity of their barking.

On being near those dogs, I would often walk back from the door to the street to get away from them and their barking.

I believe those experiences with the two dogs is where my fear of dogs came from.

Since then, when I was near a dog, my body would contract and freeze of movement, and I thought the dogs could also sense the fear in me.

Dogs would also often bark at and run after me.

With what I now know, perhaps the dogs had their own internal issues, or that they simply wanted to play.

But at the time, those thoughts did not come to mind, and the situations did not feel playful.

On some occasions, I froze until the dogs got bored and went or were called away.

On other occasions, I would run away myself with a dog running after me.

For decades, being close to dogs was simply an unpleasant experience.

The law of attraction.

I started my then not knowing of it being a spiritual journey with an introduction to the Law Of Attraction, which in the simplest terms states that our thoughts create our experiences.

I found the concept interesting, but with further research and practice of the Law Of Attraction, I realised something quite important.

I realised that the experiences along the way and/or outcomes of creating what I wanted were actually not making me happy.

There was often a small period of the WOW factor, but it was short-lived, often being only seconds, or just becoming a great story to tell.

After realising that wanting and desires were not really making me happy, another desire was created for the search for what I was missing, and what else I need to know.

Further down this spiritual journey, both the teaching and realisation came that if thoughts create our experiences, then I had created my fear of dogs from the experiences of the two dogs when I was about 8 years old.

Learning how to transform and heal undesirable situations.

I then came across information and teachings about transformation and healing and thought that perhaps they could undo and resolve my fear of dogs.

I won’t go into the details of what I did here, however, I used the exercises for an average of about 30 minutes to an hour every day for about 4 days.

The information introducing the exercises described when I would know when they are working, which when I felt lighter or better about the undesirable situation.

The feeling can be said to be like feeling better after having a cold or flu, in that even though we may still have some of the symptoms, we feel good enough to stop resting and stop taking medication, and get on with day to day activities.

I felt that I had reached that feeling better point after practising the exercise for about 4 days.

However, I had intended to carry on using the practice until I was sure it worked in resolving my fear of dogs.

The test.

I used to walk around a local park every day because of my body feeling stiff and tired from sitting for too long in front of the laptop.

After feeling better from practising the exercises for about 4 days, I took the usual daily walk on the path that circled the park, and noticed a dog coming towards me.

For decades since being 8 years old, I would feel my body contract and freeze when a dog was near me. However, there was something slightly different this time.

The strength of the contraction and the desire to freeze was less.

To my surprise, I noticed the dog approach me in an unusually submissive way, which I did not expect from my past experiences of dogs.

The dog walked off the path onto the grass, around the path and back on to the path behind me.

Previously, I would totally stop walking and freeze, and wait for dogs to go away, or I would walk off the path to avoid dogs as the dog did above.

A part of me was in awe and a part of me thought that it may be a one-off experience.

Over the next few days of walking around the path of the park, I noticed that the behaviour of most of the dogs was more submissive than in the past.

There was definitely a change in the behaviour of the dogs and I was not as fearful when dogs approached me.

However, as there was still some fear in me of some of the larger and more active dogs, I recall continuing to practise the exercises for a little longer.

There was a part of me that did not believe how my experience of dogs changed and so I also continued to practise the exercises to maintain that change.

I have since been much more comfortable with dogs.

I can touch them and even enjoy playing with them.

Whenever I think about this first ‘test’ of using the exercises for transformation and healing, a part of me remembers how awesome it all was and that the exercises actually worked.

Click here for an introduction to the transformation and healing information and exercises.


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