Perhaps Nothing Is Ever Finished, And There Are Only Completions And New Beginnings

The realisation, that nothing is ever finished, really came to me when I was wondering how and when to start on an urge I have had for a few years to grow my services, and especially in the realms of helping individuals help themselves and their organisations… what is generally known as self help and personal development.

That nothing is ever finished, may be obvious, but I have been sort of waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for the right moment to arise and some existing situations to diminish, to really push myself on helping others and in more ways.

After about eight years of my own research in personal and spiritual development, I have come across many teachings and experiences to convey that nothing is ever finished, and the universe recently seems to be confirming that to me with a few experiences in the form of signs.

I recently started a self help training program that I have been wanting to take for probably over a year now, and I thought by going through and completing it, it may provide enough experience for me and may create the situation that I may have been waiting or looking for to really start helping others.

However, on experiencing only the beginning of the training, the messages again came up that nothing is ever finished. Perhaps these recent signs is the universe confirming that nothing really is ever finished and that I may not find the right situation, or a finishing or starting point, a somewhat comfort zone, that I may have been looking for.

Instead it seems that I start on the urge to move forwards with self help and personal development somehow, by taking some “baby steps”.

This post is a baby step.

The signs I have received are to the effect that there seem to be temporary stopping and reflection points in the experience life and often having a nature that we would never have expected whether perceptually positive or negative. I will call them completion points, and being definable and sensible to the self and which provide both a sense of conscious completion, and a new beginning, and again the perception of their nature may be from the polarities of positive to negative experiences.

These completion points may be highly personal to the individual’s journey in life, in that if the individual tried to convey the nature of “their” completion points, they may not make much sense to others. The completion points may also be of a nature where more than the self, and perhaps many, can understand their nature and meaning.

I now feel I may have perhaps been waiting for a completion point in my experience of life that had a meaning for many, and that may have provided some expected level of perfection from which I could make that start I wanted to, and I feel it is this that may have created the waiting.

Hence it seems that waiting for comprehensible and perfect completion points is out, and baby steps are in, and I would now like to add that something tells me that until I take the some baby steps, the next steps will not be either obvious nor be in the direction I may have had planned. I now somewhat know that I have to let go of finding that perfect situation and make a start.

I ask you to watch the following Ted talk by Vincent Cochetel, a humanitarian aid worker, found himself kidnapped and effectively in a near death experience, and months after his release, he met the then-French prime minister and the second thing he told Vincent was… “You were totally irresponsible to go to the North Caucasus. You don’t know how many problems you’ve created for us.” It was a short meeting.

I ask you to watch this video and take in Vincent’s talk and note your feelings, then ask yourself where or what was home for Vincent when he experienced being a hostage and then experiencing the prime minister in his home country.

Was this is end of something that Vincent believed in and time for him to let go and start something new? Watch the video and find out, but I feel there was what I call a sense of conscious completion of his experience, in that perhaps Vincent could not have done or given anything more than he did, and he felt complete in himself despite how the external world reacted.

Below is another form of completion and is made up of two video clips from The Dark Knight Rises movie. I was going to right about them for those of you who may not have seen the movie but I feel that they clips in themselves should convey the perspective of completion. I also suggest watching the trilogy of films, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises as they contain many messages to help with new thought and spiritual development.

Completion Clip 1

All rights to the above videos in the clip above go to Warner Bros.

Completion Clip 2

All rights to the above videos in the clip above go to Warner Bros.

I also hope to add more posts about self help and personal development as I feel that that teachings, messages and experience both from research of self help and personal development teachings, and also some practices, may be valuable to those also seeking support for themselves.

I am planning to make some of the content available only to members, and I may try a membership system for this and other post where the videos are only available to members.

I will make the initial or some of the membership free so that you get a feel for my style of communication and personal development topics.

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