A Plea To Be Open Minded To The Possibilities Of Experiencing Healing

A girl about the age of 20 had a 10% functioning liver, then had a liver transplant, and on the morning of me writing this post, I hear that the girl has passed away. My offer for a metaphysical / spiritual approach to healing was not replied to but with acceptance and permission, I may have been able to help her.

I also heard today that the doctors looking after the girl have been struggling to understand why such a young person had such a dysfunctional liver, and why the transplant was not accepted.

And only yesterday there was someone that I may have been able to help, where I offered a metaphysical / spiritual approach to healing to a partner of someone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Again the offer was not accepted with the reply from the partner being that they did not want to take “them” off the medications as “they” are better with the medications and as far as I recall the medications will have to be taken forever. Hence the prescription for the person with Parkinson’s Disease somewhat seems to be a life and death sentence with their condition and medications.

For the above examples, I have not mentioned nor requested a payment as I thought an immediate request for payment may have created a resistance to remote healing. However, even a no fee offer was not accepted.

It now feels that not asking for payment with some remote healing offers has also not created the commitment in clients who can perhaps experience healing in their life situations, and hence I feel now is the time to ask for payment for all if not most remote healing and the teaching of others in remote, metaphysical / spiritual healing.

The above two scenarios together with many others experiences over the past years have also demonstrated to me that for people in care, many support and care people around them including their family members and friends, carers and other healthcare professionals seem to believe they are and have all the possibilities of care in mind.

It is such people who have not accepted any other possibility or process of healing but seem somewhat to have a fixation on their role and their learned intellect and also those of the people they have adopted as the health care providers.

From my experience and perception, it is such fixation and related resistance that creates the lack of acceptance in other forms of support and more importantly, more possibility of actual healing to happen.

However, and fortunately for those people who are open, and for the confirmation of remote (distant) healing from a metaphysical or spiritual perspective actually making a positive difference, I have met people and experienced life situations where the openness has created a healing to happen.

Remote healing can create a mind-comprehensible complete healing, namely a full heal, or a partial heal, but some form of healing seems to happen.

With partial healing, a complete heal can often be experienced later by more intellectually known of techniques, ongoing remote healing, or the self learning how to heal themselves using a metaphysical / spiritual approach.

The effectiveness of remote and metaphysical spiritual healing seems to be in being open to such an approach to healing and a genuine commitment to it.

I can help you with a remote healing approach, help you to become more open to remote healing making a positive difference, and also help you to heal your life situations yourself. 

For your interest, the following links are to two examples of a complete healing and a partial healing that have used a remote healing approach.

How to become open to remote, metaphysical / spiritual healing.

The first thing to understand is what you are and what the universe is. This is somewhat a lengthy topic, and if you want to know more and go deeper, go to the link below, read the page, and download the report, and then contact me.

The second thing to understand is that no matter what your mind and its intellect are “saying” to you and creating a resistance to a remote, metaphysical, spiritual approach to healing, ignore the. This is because if you or someone you know is experiencing a negative life situation then in the simplest terms, that mind and its intellect have not to this point found or created a solution.


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