What Is The Purpose Of Spiritual Awakening And Enlightenment?

To clarify the purpose of spiritual awakening, we first should ask what the terms spiritual awakening and enlightenment actually mean.

From my experience of researching information and teachings about spiritual awakening and enlightenment, I say that spiritual awakening is the journey to enlightenments.

And during the journey of spiritual awakening, you have spiritual enlightenments (answers) in the form of insights, aha-moments, intuition and other knowings which previously may not have come to you.

These answers seem to be quite personal and help you resolve the deepest questions you have about your experience of life.

That is why I use the plural word ‘enlightenments’… because the answers that you receive seem to be ongoing on your journey of spiritual awakening.

Therefore, we can say that a spiritual enlightenment is an answer to a question, or a not knowing that you have within yourself.

Such a question or now knowing may something like ‘What is the meaning of life?’, or ‘why do I always have money problems?’, or ‘why do I always have relationship problems?’

These types of questions can be conscious in that you are actually asking these types of questions within yourself.

The questions could also be sub-conscious questions in that they are there in some form of another but you are not aware of them. For example, if you experience relationship problems, you may continuously try different approaches and in different relationships, but you continue to have similar or the same relationships problems. Therefore you have a not knowing of your problems which you try to resolve by doing things in different ways, but the subconscious question of why you have relationship problems and how to fix them never really gets answered.

So, during the journey of spiritual awakening, you can receive answers which you would not have received with your previous mindset.

Therefore we can say that the purpose of spiritual awakening is to receive answers and insights into life situations that you would not have otherwise received.

To then help clarify matters, we can ask.

“What is the purpose of an answer?”

The purpose of an answer can only be to create a truth or resolution to a question.

And it is often the deepest questions of our personal journey in life that require answering, and which again the learned intellectual mind cannot answer.

That is why it is often said that immense pain can initiate spiritual awakening.

It is at times of such immense pain that we realize no matter how intellectual we have become, what we know cannot answer, nor resolve, our suffering.

And that is where spiritual awakening and the answers, the truths of spiritual enlightenments show, in the deepest and most profound ways, how our pain was and is created, and also how to move beyond it.

The truths that are demonstrated as spiritual enlightenments can also be quite harsh, because they are simply truths that help us resolve our suffering.

Whether we like the truths, or not, is again something else that can be the fuel for our journey of spiritual awakening.

However, at some point, the truths create a transformation and healing within us to experience some level of happiness and freedom in life.

For example, someone may realize that the reason they have been depressed is that they cannot have or achieve something life.

This may not sound very profound, and the mind may say… “I could have realized that with what I already know”.

However, a deeper knowing and truth, as an enlightenment, may come as a “big picture”, in that it is actually better that the pre-awakening desire was, or is not, achieved.

And perhaps that if the previous desire did happen, more pain may have been experienced later in life.

Our mind again may not value such a truth, but the truth and the related personal deeper knowing and profundity of it for our journey would be appreciated.

This realisation would again create a transformation and healing.

To summarize, I would say that the purpose of spiritual awakening is to allow us to take a journey to receive spiritual enlightenments, answers

And the spiritual enlightenments, the answers, truths, insights, aha-moments that we receive provide the answers to our deepest questions which our intellectual mind could otherwise not resolve.

You can find out more, and also start a journey of spiritual awakening by clicking here.

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