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I used to host all my client sites in the UK as I and most of my clients were based in the UK and thought a UK hosting supplier would be better in terms of support and speed.

However, as WordPress upgrades are becoming more feature rich, as are WordPress plugins and their the numbers, the UK host could no longer support the technical requirements for WordPress and plugins on their shared servers.

I had WordPress 3.5 and many plugins and wanted to add more plugins but kept getting the following types of PHP errors within admin/dashboard of WordPress which prevented WordPress admin working correctly and me from using the plugins I wanted to.

PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated xxx) (tried to allocate yyy bytes) in /home/mysite/public_html/blog/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line zz

I spent some time researching the issue and  eventually discovered that the out of memory errors were simply due to amount of memory required to run the combination of WordPress and the various plugins and that the amount of memory available had to be increased on the server.

The UK hosting provider did not support a feature to increase the PHP memory limit for shared hosting plans and without going through the learning, migration and cost implications of a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server, I chose to find a more appropriate shared hosting supplier who were more geared up for WordPress as I and customers find it more easier to manage publishing sites using WordPress than any other website publishing platform or technique.

After reading recommendations, reviews, comments and opinions by WordPress users and developers I eventually settled on and tested a hosting supplier called Bluehost based in Utah, United States and I recently  moved this site that uses the WordPress publishing/blogging platform from the UK hosting service to Bluehost in the US.

This site is currently working using WordPress 3.5 and 10 plugins on a shared hosting package from Bluehost without any of the errors I had with the UK Host.

An annual shared hosting plan works out to $6.95 per month (approximately £4.28 per month on writing this post) and the monthly rate can be reduced if you go for the 2 year plan (24 months at $5.95 per month, approximately £3.66 per month) or the 3 year plan (36 months at £4.95 per month, approximately £3.05) plans, and you also get a free domain name, if you starting without a domain name or you can just take your domain with you.

Here’s a tabular summary of the above that may be easier to read:

  • 1 year hosting : $83.40 (approx £51.31) per year.
  • 2 years hosting : $71.40 (approx £43.93) per year. 2 year total : $142.80 (approx £87.86).
  • 3 years hosting : $59.40 (approx £36.55) per year. 3 year total : $178.20 (approx £109.64).
  • Free domain name, or use an existing domain name.

Please note the UK Pound Sterling conversions were accurate on writing this post by using Google’s currency converter.

Click here to get WordPress hosting from Bluehost.


  • To all the sites and people about their comments and opinions of WordPress hosting suppliers

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