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The following is an excerpt from an interview with Dr Zach Bush, in a docuseries about the c’virus.

He says:

…the CDC and the WHO tracked some 12,000 respiratory virus pandemics that have happened since then…

By the word then Zach was referring to the year 1976,

And earlier in the interview he specified that it was 12800 such pandemics.

Zach later goes onto say:

12,800 in just that short 40 year period is telling you that you have thousands and thousands of viruses that are traveling globally every year in very predictable patterns, seasonally.

And so when we say, when people say, “It’s a made up thing.” Well, no, we don’t have to say that.

It’s a normal thing.

It’s so normal that you’ve got hundreds of these viruses going pandemic every year.

And if you count full years from February 1976 to February 2021, and do the maths, that’s an average of 5 to 6 respiratory virus pandemics every week.

That sounds normal and I would also use the word usual.

Zach Bush’s website is here, and the docuseries is here.

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