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I was advised that there was a scam Posted on The InterPost.

After further investigation I have found out how the scam works and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

I have been advised that when you transfer funds using Western Union, you get a unique code (a sort of confirmation or ID code for the transfer).

This code is all that is required to get the funds. So in the most simplest terms it’s a bit like writing a cheque and signing it and leaving the name blank on the cheque and then Western Union holding onto this cheque until someone claims it by giving them the cheque number.

So the simplest way to protect the example of the cheque is to only give the cheque number to someone that you trust to receive the funds and use them as you intended.

In the same way, only give the Western Union transfer code to someone that you trust.

The scam in this case is whereby someone is asking for money for something that they are selling and requesting funds using Western Union to ensure that you have the funds and that they are not being messed around in terms of “pretend interest” and time wasting for what they are selling, with a promise to pay back the funds once they have been convinced of the interest, by which time the funds could be taken from Western Union and the sender may not ever meet the person taking the funds.

In this case, the scam seems to have been posted on many websites including The InterPostCraig’s ListGum Tree, and perhaps other sites that I do not know of and especially using the personal rate number 07024072991. So beware of handing over any money when this number has been advertise as the contact number.

Here is a message by the person requesting money using Western Union so that you get the idea of how your money could be taken and you not actually receiving what you pay for.

Hello steve
thank you for the assurance of the one month and 6 weeks deposit funds. I understand how much you proving to me that you truly have the funds for the apartment. if i understand you quite okay.I just needed to be sure i am renting the apartment to the right person who can meet up with my requirements and not a timewasters.the apartment belongs to me..the lease are 3months minimum and 2years maximum
I was discussing with my colleague about the idea on how i will be so sure that i will not be coming down to London on a futile exercise and she advised that we can work out something via Western Union.
Here is the process;
Proceed to Western Union Location. You can check nearest location from
Collect a TRANSFER FORM from the location.
Transfer from: YOUR NAME
And complete any additional information in the form.
Submit the form and pay the money at the location.
There after, Scan the receipt collected from Western Union
You can not be the SENDER and RECIEVER at the same time
Scan the receipt collected from the Western Union to me. Once you scan the receipt, i will contact Western Union and confirm if truly the funds are available with western union customer careline. Thereafter, you shall collect your money back via the receiver.
I will be coming over the next day after you might have Scan the receipt.
You will be charged minimal fee for transfering the funds and i promise to pay the money back to you once we meet.
I will get the contract ready for you to sign if you like to take the Flat after viewing and the keys will be handed over to you immediately after contract. Receipt of payment will be issued to you after which you have sign the lease agreement form.
I only want to be sure that you have the money at your disposal and this is the only way i can be convienced that you have the money at hand.INTENDING TENANTS HAVE DECEIVED ME ALOT.A copy of a bank references,payslip,references from former landlord would have been okay for me to have a guarantee that you have the funds available,but i have had a bad experiences through this so i really dont want to go through them anymore.But i am very sure the pictures of flat you saw on the website are the ones of the flat i am trying to rent out to you and also the flat you are about to view,so there is no way you wont like the flat when you love the pictures.Lol.
You don’t need any assistance than the way i have explained to you.
If truely you need the flat and you are willing and able to pay for the flat,then kindly proceed to Western Union location and complete the transaction.You can give me a call on 07024072991 for confirmation.

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