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  • Help Save The Teaching Of Gujarati In England

    “The learning and examination of Gujarati in the UK has come under pressure from government cuts and increasing rents. The first language of Prime Minister Modi provides a crucial link between the UK and India and needs to be saved.” Join Gareth Thomas M.P.  and sign an open letter to Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State…

  • Reconsidering Study, Qualifications & Experience

    Reconsidering Study, Qualifications & Experience

    I’ve never let schooling get in the way of my education. – Mark Twain …a quote that Manoj Bhargava gave in his interview on NDTV (see video below). I have always had a niggling concern about being educated by people who have studied and have qualifications but have never really applied their studies and qualifications…

  • Business Studies In Thirty Minutes

    Business Studies In Thirty Minutes

  • Classrooms And Computers For Orphans

    Classrooms And Computers For Orphans

    There are orphans like Santosh and Cynthia (photo) who are looked after, educated and raised as family by The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission in India: In July 2013, the Mission launched their then greatest project, a school for the children at the Mission and for the outside community who pay fees to help support the…