Tag: internet

  • My First “Cool” Google Website

    I have been working with Saathi Night for a few years and today I did a check of their ranking with Google. I am proud to say that searching for “saathinight” or “saathi night” not only creates the first listing on Google, but the seacrhes also create sub-links to Saathi Night’s website under the Google…

  • Website To Buy Garage Door Spare Parts

    I developed the very first website for ukgaragedoerparts.co.uk

  • Personal Family Name Email Addresses

    I have been re-developing Yupea with an automated system to get a free email address. The site uses my version of the well known AJAX (Advanced Javascript And XML) but I call it AJAP (Advanced Javascript And PHP), or I could even call it AJAPAM (Advanced Javascript And PHP AND MySQL) as the system works…

  • Online Computers, Hardware & Peripherals Shop Website

    I’ve created the first version of CHP Online. This is a website that allows online sales of computers, hardware and peripherals.

  • Bridal Website Design

    It seems to be the season for weddings and bridal wear… I’ve created a website to organise and present wedding dresses and shoes for The Bridal Place, a bridal shop in Walsall.

  • Plus Size & Standard Bridal Products Website

    A site for girls looking for 16+ and plus size wedding dresses, shoes and lingerie. This client is one of my favourite ones in terms of how keen they are. I created their website and after I launched it and started the search engine registration, they started Advertising it on the web. My search engine…

  • Building Plots & Country Property Website

    I have created a visually simple site for Building Plot Investments (the company) which presents their investment offerings.

  • Bridal Wear Sales Site

    I’ve created a site for Fiona Bridalwear which allows them to present and sell their bridal products online. The client came to me after seeing the Bliss Bridal site that I created. The Bliss site uses a gallery system to present the bridal wear. Fiona Bridalwear actually wanted to sell their products online as well…