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I liked the simple and responsive Twenty Thirteen theme of WordPress 3.6 (which has not yet been released) and so I downloaded the nightly build of Beta 3 of 6th June 2013 and installed it.

And as Mark Jaquith’s post on WordPress.Org News states “This is software still in development and we really don’t recommend that you run it on a production site“, I could not get the Twenty Thirteen theme to work as the version number had not yet been updated in the code of the Beta 3 nightly release.

I eventually found that the version number is held in \wordpress\wp-includes\version.php where the version variable held he value ‘3.5.2 alpha’.

So, if you are having a similar issue in getting the Twenty Thirteen theme working in a Beta Release of WordPress 3.6 then simply download this version.php file from your wordpress installation on the server and change ‘3.5.2 alpha’ variable value to ‘3.6’ and upload it back to the same place and the Twenty Thirteen theme should work.

I’m now going to find or take a photo for the image of the header.

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  • Beta 4 is now running this site and all is well, and so I will now have dinner with TED.

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