The Bhavani Talwar (Sword). About Location And Viewing

In 2010, a guest from India informed me that he wanted to see Shivaji’s Sword, the Bhavani Talwar, and suggested that perhaps it was displayed at a British/London museum.

As I had no information of the sword, nor had actually heard of it, I researched the net and found a succinct summary:

Bhavani Talwar i.e. Sword of Chatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhonsale of Maratha Kingdom, India.

One of the swords of Shivaji Maharaj is now in London, in Royal Collection Trust of Royal family of Britain.

This sword was presented by Shivaji IV of Kolhapur to Prince of Wales in 1875 AD.”

Hence, I thought it may be in the Royal Collection, held in trust by the Queen of England and so I contacted The Queen’s staff in an attempt to locate the sword.

The staff informed me that the sword was not in the Royal Collection and so I asked if they could help locate it. I was informed that did not have any more information.

Since then I had a few replies on my old site and as I was moving the content from the old site to this site, the commenting system on the old site and the discussion about the location of the Bhavani Talwar had ceased.

However, after looking at the site access statistics, 3 years later in 2013, I noticed that people were still looking for information about the Bhavani Talwar and so I assumed that it had not been located.

I again did a quick search to see if there was any recent news about the Bhavani Talwar and it seemed that there were more pages and discussions about it but what really stood out was a photo of the Bhavani Talwar that I did not see back in 2013.

The photo (below) seems to be taken by a Citizen Journalist by the name Raju Sanadi for Meri News.

Bhavani Talwar Puja:

Bhavani Talwar Puja

The photo seems to be taken during the Bhavani Talwar Puja by M.P. Udayanraje Bhosale at the Dussehra festival in Satara, Maharashtra, India where, it was stated, that M.P. Udayanraje Bhosale, the 13th direct descendant of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Udayanraje’s cousin MLA Shivendra Raje attended the procession for the first time.

The statement seems to confirm Vivek Kale’s comment below stating that the Sword is still with Udanyanraje Bhosale’s family in Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Therefore at least it seems that the Bhanavi Talwar exists but as the photo or comments about the sword on Meri News did not seem to have a date or means of contacting the journalist Raju Sanadi, I have reposted the article and previous comments here and the comments system on this site is switched on so the discussion can continue.

However, when was the above photo taken and is the Bhavani Talwar in India, London, or elsewhere.

It would nice to contact my guest again and let him know the actual location of the Bhavani Talwar so that he and others with interest can view it.

Therefore if you have any interest or information about the now location of the Bhavani Talwar, or whatever name the sword/talwar is being given and how it can be viewed then please share your comments below.

Do you have any information?

We would appreciate any further knowing you may have about the Bhavani Talwar. Please leave your share or comment below.

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56 responses to “The Bhavani Talwar (Sword). About Location And Viewing”

  1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

    Someone sent me the following links which may be useful: (The Sword of Chh. Shivaji Maharaj) (Mystery of Bhawani Talwar used by Shivaji Maharaj)

  2. Curious Indian avatar
    Curious Indian

    Hi All,

    As an Indian, I am curious to know about relics from rich Indian history. Shivaji Maharaj was a national hero who has made his mark in Indian history. He is king not only to Marathas but to general public ‘Rayat’. I have visited V&A museum in London and found stuffs used by Tipu Sultan like his mechanical tiger, his robe, sword, etc., and seen the tiger claws ‘Wagh Nakha’ used by Shivaji Maharaj. If his sword is present in London, I would be very much interested in having a glance at it. Any information on this would be highly appreciated.

    Curious Indian

  3. mahesh patil avatar
    mahesh patil

    Hi i am Mahesh Patil..happy to see you all to be very curious to find bhavani talvar…hope one day will get it back and will be available to see for all . One point to above we should try to gather Great shivaji’s idealogy which will make greater diff in our life’s the way we look after others.

  4. Amol Gaikwad avatar
    Amol Gaikwad

    I found below thread, where it looks like this is the sword we are looking for. However this is just a photograph, but could not relocate actual location of sword.
    I am in UK but dont know where to go to see this sword.
    It was gifted to Prince of Wales – that’s the evidence.

  5. sanket kubade avatar

    Hi Personally checked this sward in Tower of London, British Museum, V&A museum but havent found any clue :-(. But yes I saw the”Wagh Nakhe” of Maharaj in Victoria & Albert Museum.

  6. Varun avatar

    i disagree with this video ata kay tar mhane Aai bhavani ne talwar nhi dili …Saale B gradi vicharwant hech nave MUGHAL ahet saavadh raha mitrano

    1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

      Hello Varun,
      Thank you for your comment, how can you post it also in all English, or perhaps someone else can interpret what Varun has written and post the interpretation here.

    2. SHARAD avatar


  7. Shivaji Maharaj History avatar

    Many people says that it is in London but we don’t have any evidence. Is it really in London??

    1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

      As above, in 2010, I literally called the Queen’s staff and they informed me that it was not in their collection. Since then, there have been many opinions varying from the sword being in India with Udanyanraje Bhosale’s family in India, to the sword being in London in the collection of the Royal family. There were many other opinions posted, and which were lost in a system upgrade, but I do not recall any information about where the sword is.
      These questions still remain:
      Does the Bhavani Talwar (sword) still exist?
      If it does, who was it given to, and who has it now, a where in the world is kept?

  8. jai kadam avatar
    jai kadam

    The sword is in private collection of Queen in her palace it was moved out from museum for security reasons

    1. Dr Bhonsle avatar
      Dr Bhonsle

      The Bhavani talwar is a heavy straight sword encrusted with jewels. It is in the Queen’s priovate collection. The coronation sword of Shivaji is a shorter curved gold sword with the engraving of the sun and a chatri (to symbolize chartrapathi). This was displayed in the Victoria and Albert museum till a couple of years ago next to his tiger claws and Tipu Sultan’s mechanical tiger.

      JaI Shivaji, Jai Giza, Jai Bhavani, Jai Maharastra.

      Dr Neil Ajinkya Udayrao Bhonsle

      1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

        It seems then that there are two swords of interest; The Bhavani Talwar and the Coronation Sword of Shivaji.
        As this post, and most of the interest here, is about the Bhavani Talwar, may I ask how you are familiar with the weight and decoration of the Bhavani Talwar?
        Also, as the location of the Bhavai Talwar has been said to be in various locations, and for everyone’s interest, can you clarify how you know that the sword is in the Queen’s private collection?
        Thank you.

        1. Bhonsle avatar

          Well if this post is specific to one sword then apologies.

          What is your interest is Shivajis sword Mr Karavadra? You don’t speak Marathi, Hindi or Gujarati right? Are you Indian?

          1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

            There is no need to apologise, I was simply focusing on the interest about the Bhavani Talwar.
            The interest I have was from the original curiosity of a guest from India who was visiting the UK and asked if I knew where the Bhavani Talwar was, and when we could not find it’s whereabout. The rest of that story is in the post above. My ancestry is Gujarati, and I was not born in India. I hope that helps.

        2. Rapatwar avatar

          As per my earlier message, it is the Jagdamba Talwar present in London.

          1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

            Some people say that the Jagdamba Talwar is the Bhavani Talwar. Can you provide your knowledge on this? Thank you.

  9. Rajesh avatar

    Hi Philip
    One of the sword of shivaji maharaj was gifted by Rajaram maharaj to the Temple of shivaji maharaj ,on sindhdurg fort in maharashtra is still there
    But the same is not in good condition

    Another sword of shivaji maharajs great worrier Hambirrao mohite is at pratapgarh fort, Maharashtra

    Tulja ,jagdamba and bhavani three swords of shivaji maharaj
    Jagdamba is in Landon
    Tulja at sindhdurg fort
    But no information about bhavani

    Sword which is at satara Royal collection carries name of shahu maharaj on it

    1. Philip Earis avatar
      Philip Earis

      Hi Rajesh, Thanks for your message. But what evidence is there that the Jagdamba is in London? I know this is often repeated, but that does not distinguish fact from rumour. The link I posted above is sceptical about any of Shivaji’s swords being in London. I have contacted London museums who deny possessing the sword. So if it is in London, 1) what is the supporting evidence and 2) where in London is it located (or has it been located)? Many thanks!

  10. Philip Earis avatar
    Philip Earis

    I am a British citizen living in Mumbai. I have been researching the history and current location of Shivaji’s swords.

    In February 2016 I contacted the Victoria & Albert Museum, London asking about their collection. I have received a reply from Emma Rogers (Assistant Curator, South & South East Asia):

    “I’m afraid no sword connected to Shivaji has ever been part of the V&A’s collection or held on Loan by us (to the best of our knowledge). I am attaching a copy of an article which appeared in the Indian publication, Marg, some time ago, which summarises current thinking on the sword, suggesting that it has never been positively identified and may still be at Satara”

    The very interesting article Emma attached is from 1982, and can be viewed here:

    Does anybody have more recent *evidence-backed* information about the location of Shivaji’s swords, beyond what is written in this 1982 article?

  11. jayesh chaudhari avatar

    जय शिवाजी,जय भवानी. only……………… मराठा….

  12. Parag avatar
    According to Purandare, Shivaji possessed three swords which were named Bhawani, Jagdamba and Tulja.

  13. Ajinkya Bhonsle avatar
    Ajinkya Bhonsle

    Dear Amolrao,

    The coronation talwar of Shivaji was in the India section of the Victoria and albert museum next to his wagh claws. They may have returned it to the the same cabinet. The India section contains Tipu Sultan’s tiger and some stuff from Mughals.

    Have a look for the sword (it is just labelled “17tyh century Hindu King sword”)

    Jai Shivaji,

    Ajinkya Bhonsle

    1. Vaibhav Ghadage avatar
      Vaibhav Ghadage

      One of Tipu Sultan’s Sword is in Edinburgh Castle. I have personally checked it in January 2018. Desperately searching for Shivaji Maharaj Sword in London.

    2. Arti Wagh avatar
      Arti Wagh

      Hii Ajinkya Bhosale,
      I am Arti Wagh a maratha girl n I m curious to know about sword location n from all comments I noticed that you are the only person who knows well about all swords If u know any true information about it please do reply because, I only know one thing that if sword is in UK they don’t have any rights to keep it there they should have to give it back.

  14. avatar

    I am in London in search of jagdamb talwar. After reading ur blog I am planning to visit albert museum .
    Please guide me.

  15. Ajinkya Uday Bhonsle avatar
    Ajinkya Uday Bhonsle

    Shivaji Maharaj’s gold coronation sword (which was marked with a chathri and Sun) was in the India section of the Victoria and Albert museum next to his Tiger claws used to fight Afzal Khan. The sword is no longer there and has apparently gone into storage. This sword is curved, relatively short and ornamental. This is not the straight Bhavani talwar which has a jewel encrusted handle which is in the Queen’s personal collection.

    Jai Shivaji, Jai Bhavani, Jai Maharashtra!

  16. Ajinkya Uday Bhonsle avatar
    Ajinkya Uday Bhonsle

    The Bhavani talwar exists and is in royal possession in the UK. A Maratha lawyer in London requested to see it over 10 years ago and the office of the Queen sent him a photo of this straight sword.

  17. Pranay Ghag avatar
    Pranay Ghag

    Jai shivrai bhavano
    Chhatrapati Shiaji Maharajanchi Bhawani talvar ji British musaim madhe aahe ti sudha banawat mhanjech copy aahe khari talwar ter Ranni Chya personal collection madhe aahe.
    Maharajanche Sinnhasan je pure gold Che aahe tehi Tithech aahe.

    1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

      Hello Pranay.

      With my modest understanding of the Gujarati and Hindi languages, I cannot understand what you have written. Could you or someone else please translate the comment above.
      Thank you.

  18. Sanket Limkar avatar
    Sanket Limkar

    Thank you for this impeccable information.

  19. prasad ghadge avatar
    prasad ghadge

    thanks very much for ur info…. i would like to appreciate you to for such type of info that u where providing us…..!!!thanku so much

  20. Amogh avatar

    I only know one thing that UK does not have any right to keep Bhawani sword if they do. Archaeologist may take a look with Maratha royal family to study and declare the sword as Bhawani Sword.

    1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

      Hello Amogh and all,

      To date, we do not seem to have any further information literally as to where on earth the sword is.

      If this sword still exists and wherever it is and whomever is holding it, due to the interest that this post alone is generating it would be good to actually present it for viewing.

      I however understand that there may be sensitive matters especially from history that need to be considered and perhaps the sword and it’s presentation environment be appropriately agreed and secured for public viewing.

      …Just a suggestion.

  21. suraj deshmukh avatar
    suraj deshmukh

    Hii frends my name is Suraj Deshmukh and I m from a maratha’of Amravati ganoja devi is my village ….I m curious 2 knw were the real sword of raje shiv chattrapati the king of maratha’s..!!

  22. DURGESH YADAV avatar

    Pls any one tell me exact location of bhavani talvar and sinhasan of shivaji maharaj

  23. saaket avatar

    i want to see the bhavani sword which is at Royel collection london. can u please guide me for how to get permission and all

    1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

      There still seems to be no definite location or keeper of the sword – perhaps the link below may help.

  24. Ar.Viplove Rakhewar avatar
    Ar.Viplove Rakhewar

    3′-9″+8″…long sword….was is it not too long…to move….for maharaj…(he was very short) …but was great swifter.

  25. Andy avatar

    Hi ,

    “Bhavani Talwar” was never gifted to Britishers . They took advantage of small age of Raje Shivaji IV and took sword to England in 1875. And I believe it is still in UK.

  26. mayur vitthalrao salukhe avatar
    mayur vitthalrao salukhe

    i am looking for the size and measurement of chh. shivaji maharajas bhavani talwar, if you have any information regarding it please let me know.

    1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

      The following web page states that the blade of the sword measures 3 feet 9 inches and that the handle is 8 inches in length. The article however does not state the author nor source.

  27. Pradeep kumar patil avatar
    Pradeep kumar patil

    I am pradeep kumar patil from sangli dist . I want to know if bhavani talwar is in london, which talwar was used for puja, just its my dought.I wnt to clear my dought. And I wnt to to see the bhavani aai che talwar. Jai bhavani jai shivaji.

  28. Sudhir Pednekar avatar

    I am from Kolhapur and know the Royal family through my father, he was a co-student of Maharaja of Kolhapur at Rajaram College.
    We visited London in 1970 and seen the Bhawani Talwar. My comment to my father was “How Shivaji could lift such a heavy talwar”.
    I think BM is scared and is hiding the fact that they have it!!

    1. Rakesh avatar

      Can you please let me know the exact weight of the Sword?

    2. sanjay avatar

      hi sudhir ,i run a channel name Being Infollegent on yt.making video on stolen artifacts of india by brits .are you sure what you seem at BM was bhavani talwar or jagdamba talwar ,and how it was looking can you discribe if possible it important .

  29. pritesh shinde avatar

    iam in search of the bhavani talwar,iam frm a maratha famil of gwalior but from last 200 yrs our shinde family is setteled in nashik
    jay maharashtra

  30. bprao avatar

    Hi Vivek, canyou give me exact information, where the shivaji’s sword is

  31. Bharat Karavadra avatar

    Hi Vivek,
    Thank you for your feedback. It is very appreciated.
    Would it be possible to arrange a viewing of the Bhawani Sword by people who appreciate its existence?
    I would appreciate your reply. Thank you.

  32. vivek kale , karad(mah.) avatar

    I am from a maratha family from Satara (mahashtra,india).It is a hometown for shivaji’s direct descendant.The 13th direct descendant Udanyanraje Bhosale says and believe’s that BHAWANI sword is still with his family .

    1. FK.. avatar

      Mr. Bharat I have sme info. that MAA BHAWANI self come in front of Shivaji Maharaj and gifted this sword how much it is true. plz let me know..thanks.

      1. Bharat Karavadra avatar

        I do not know much about the history of the sword so if anyone can provide some information to the question above, I am sure it would be appreciated.

        1. Rapatwar avatar


          Prince of Wales was gifted a sword by Raja of Kolhapr during his trip to India in 1875. Babasaheb Purandare viewed the sword in 1970s and authenticated it. It is in the Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen today. A petition has been made to keep it for public display cooinciding with PM Narendra Modiji’s visit to the UK. Please sign and forward to all like-minded. This initiative is supported by Hindu Forum of Britain too.

    2. ajay mittal avatar
      ajay mittal

      Sita Ram Goel, great writer and histoian, has stated in his book on Shivaji, titled “Shaktiputr Shivaji” (publishers: Voice of India, 2/18, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110002), that the Bhawani sword is in Satara. He says that it is very heavy and cannot be easily lifted.

      1. amit ghorpade avatar
        amit ghorpade

        hi all, might be good news for shivaji maharaj followers and Marathi Mawale. in 2018 Queen’s Royal Collection will hold an exhibition for King Edward VII’s visit to India during 1875 vol 6, In this exhibition Prince’s tour he has been gifted with many valuable things during india visit. Out of these gift, one them was Bhavani Talwar –
        compare this image with

        If anybody in UK then please book a seat now only. as this is going to be in June 2018 and will be rare chance for all of us to find out truth.

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