The Law Of Attraction And Frequency

I was in a meeting where the Law Of Attraction came up. The conversation was about someone having gone to a Law Of Attraction Meet Up and not having a good experience from the event host who was explaining the Law Of Attraction.

I really wanted to present my perspective on what the Law Of Attraction is and the wrong words came out at the meeting. I later felt the urge to send an email to the person but I thought I may as well write a post about it. So here goes.

The Law Of Attraction states that “like attracts like”.

The question arises as to what the word “like” refers to.

Like thoughts? Like people? Like things?

Well, in the simplest terms, all of that, and hence everyone and everything.

Now, what is everyone and everything?

Research in the field of quantum physics and quantum mechanics says that everything is energy. With a microscope that can allow you to look that small, anyone or anything is made up of vibrating energy.

We know from our senses that things, and even people, can vibrate in the the physical world.

As everyone and everything is energy, we can also say that the vibration of the whole or parts of a field of energy (the whole or part of a thing or person) can vary, and in the simplest terms vibrations can be from slow to fast.

Slow vibrations are have low frequency (the rate of vibration) and fast vibrations have a high frequency.

We started with “like attracts like” and as above, everyone and everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and so we can now say that vibrating energies attract other vibrating energies at the same or similar vibrational frequencies.

So, the Law Of Attraction is energy vibration frequencies attracting similar or the same energy vibration frequencies.

On the level of physical reality, as humans are energy vibrating at frequencies, to attract what we desire in life, we have to tune into and somewhat become the same energy frequency as what we desire.

That’s the simplest explanation I can give of how energy frequency works is an aspect with the Law Of Attraction, and practically how we attract things and experiences in life.

There are however other additional aspects to consider.

What does low vibration frequency attract and high vibration frequency attract or create in life?

How do we change our energy vibration frequency?

As humans, we also have thoughts, emotions and body sensations, and how do these aspects affect what we attract and create?

Above we said that anyone or anything is made of of vibrating energy. What is the energy vibrating in?

I hope to write further posts on these other aspects, the Law Of Attraction and attracting things and experiences in life.

For now, please share your thoughts and experiences below.

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