The Most Advanced Consciousness Teachings Offered From Planet Earth, To Humans.

Now that is a bold claim and I may provide my perspective on the advanced nature of consciousness teachings and what consciousness teachings are in a later post, but for those of you who have known me for, in the simplest terms, involved in others helping grow with technology and especially the Internet, consciousness teachings, applications and their direct experience has been my second vocation and practice for about eight years, and this may now be brought forward a little more on this site, and real world application, and to hopefully help others.

As you may have noticed, the blog has not been updated for a few months and this is as I have been busy helping in developing two new sites for Brad & Kasey Wallis who you can read about here, and managing other aspects of their advanced consciousness offerings.

Both sites are WordPress based sites, with one being a Membership based site using MemberMouse and the other being a product sales based site using WooCommerce, and both were developed to help Brad & Kasey grow their offerings.

I am currently handing over the creations, up to the point I have taken them, to someone else, and I hence may become more available to work on other projects, so contact me if you would like help with anything.

The two new sites are here…

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