What is it?

You may “think” that thinking is using your mind about a person or situation and, in fact, that’s exactly what it is. However what thinking usually does is to create a reason, decision and judgement about someone or a situation that you are thinking about, and then you feel motivated to act on the reason, judgement or decision in a way that your mind and body seem to feel to be the resolution for your thinking.

The resolution could be to do something or not do something, but whatever the resolution, it is only your resolution.

So if your resolution then requires a person or situation then simply ask the person or create the situation to be a part of your resolution.

But… Remember that other people also think about people and situations (other people have other people and other situations in mind) and if you ask a person to be a part of your resolution then you also have to accept that they may introduce their own people and situations into your resolution, or even deny your request.

If they deny your request, then accept it and learn from the non-acceptance (the denial).

If you create a situation then you, as above, need to accept that the situation may or may not bring people and circumstances to your resolution that you may not have thought about.

If you invite a person, you may “think” that the other person’s desires about the people or situation are not what you wanted, and this is because you have created, in your mind, an “ideal” resolution for yourself. The ideal resolution is yours and not of any other person or situation that you are inviting.

If you invite a situation, such as a party, then you may have thought about the people who will be there and what will happen (the situation), however the people will do what they have thought about (doing something that you haven’t thought about) and the situation may not become what you thought about (it may be raining as opposed to being sunny, or a different location than you have thought about, or different activities happening than those you thought about, etc).

The solution is to think about non-people, non-material and non-location, etc outcomes of your thinking, such as enjoyment, creativity, betterment, awareness, education, etc.

And if your intentions are not such non-tangible things it is because you are trying to control the outcome of your desires of the resolution of your thinking. This may be due to you wanting to keep your resolution, partly or in whole, a secret/ or private.

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