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This view is better than… that one.

This morning, I walked to the end of a queue to be served with a coffee and I noticed the woman in front of me looking at me and I thought at first we may have know each other.

After about a few hundred milliseconds my minds realized that it did not known the woman or could not recall her if it did and so I said or asked the woman something (I can’t recall what now) to understand why she was looking at me and if perhaps she knew me and she looked directly at me and said “This view is better than…”, then turned to face the counter containing cakes and finished with “that one.”

I thanked the woman for the compliment… she smiled and started to get served and I smiled which stayed for quite a while and as immodest as this post may read, I really felt like posting this experience of the comment and appreciation from the woman and so took a quick photo of the cakes with my phone whilst moving down the queue… and the cakes were more appetizing than they look.

Thank you to Ms Unknown for making my day.

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