Training Products Design And Development

From November 1994 to June 1996, I was employed by CRT Multimedia, London.

The company developed intuitive mass market and corporate technology applications mostly for Microsoft operating and office software.

My tasks were to manage a change from the existing culture of the company that was taken over by CRT Multimedia to that of a more dynamic corporate company; to mentor, manage and grow the in-house product development team; to manage the design of new products and development of publishing systems; and to reduce production costs by developing tools and more efficient production processes.

The first product, Easy Tutor Learn Windows 95, became the best selling Windows 95 training application for the global consumer market and was awarded a gold award at BIMA.

Production costs for further similar products were reduced by over 75%.

I also helped to develop the following products using the publishing engine that we had developed.

  • Easy Tutor Learn Office 95
  • Easy Tutor Lean Word 95
  • Easy Tutor Learn Excel 95
  • Easy Tutor Learn the Internet

The company also serviced clients such as IBM and BPP Accountancy.

I helped to manage the design and development of an NVQ training application for IBM and a bookkeeping training application for BPP.

I was also responsible for prototyping sales tools to help demonstrate interactive product benefits such as one of the very first seat-back interactive consoles for aeroplanes for British Airways.

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