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Update Windows 8 to 8.1 Using KB2871389

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Well Windows 8.1 was released today and so I went straight to the Windows Store but did not see the update, so I tried Google and simple searched for “Windows 8.1 update” and found a few new articles about Windows 8.1 being released today  and found a link on The Register to the following page on MSDN…

…where there was a “Get Windows 8.1 online” link to the following page on Micorosoft’s Windows site…

…where there was a “Get the update” link which went back to the Windows Store.

After a bit more searching I found the following page on Microsoft’s Windows site (here)…

…which states that your PC needs another update, KB 2871839, before Windows 8.1 becomes available to you in the Store, hence why you and I probably can’t see the Windows 8.1 Update in the Windows Store.

So, opened up the Control Panel and then Windows Update and then clicked on the numerous important updates that were available to look for Update KB2871839 but I couldn’t find it.

I did however find Update KB2871389 in the list of updates. Note the 3 and 8 which are the the other way around from what was stated on Microsoft’s site.

At first I thought that there there was no way that the Microsoft site could have had a typing error for such an awaited update to their flagship operating system but as I had no other solution I downloaded the KB2871389 Update that I did find, restarted the laptop and went back to the Windows Store and the Windows 8.1 Update appeared…

I installed the 8.1 update and it works fine and best of all the Windows Update now seems to work properly and downloads and installs the updates.

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