Website For A Kitchens, Appliances & Accessories Supplier

I recently launched a new site for Kitchenmatic and as the name conveys, it’s for a Kitchen company.

The owner already supplied high quality kitchens, appliances and accessories and without having a showroom, and wanted a website to attract potential customers who were online.

I recommended a WordPress based website and a high quality but low cost responsive visual template (one that functions well and adapts to different browsing devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones) to help reduce development costs.

Various additional WordPress plugins were installed and configured to help enhance the site for the clients needs and a custom template was created for all the content areas and filled with minimal live content.

The client was then trained on how to add products and pages themselves to the template to complete the agreed initial scope for a launch site.

The image below shows how the site appears on various devices:


You can see the actual site here and below are some kind words from the client:

My name is Maz Bashir and I supply kitchens to the public. I needed a website to showcase my range of kitchens and accessories to online customers. I do not have a physical showroom so my website was the only tool that I would have to do the important job of a showroom. I wanted my website to be very modern and as user friendly as possible. Because of the amount of different components involved in kitchens the website needed to be easy for customers to navigate otherwise the customers would get lost and most likely never return.

I arranged to meet Bharat for the first time after a close friend told me that Bharat had done his website. Bharat asked me a some questions about what I wanted and we discussed some options. After this meeting Bharat left with the task of finding me a suitable template for my needs. On our second meeting Bharat showed me the template that he thought would meet my needs and he hit the nail on the head. He demonstrated the different options that were available with this template and I went with it.

Then Bharat customised the template to how I wanted it. He demonstrated the customised template to me and I was happy with it. It was exactly what I had in mind. He then Finished off the template and got it ready for me to put all of my content onto it. Once this was done, Bharat fine tuned everything with all of the tweaks that I wanted and set up my automatic email system. Bharat completed all of his tasks to a high standard, if he wasn’t happy with something then it wasn’t finished until he got it perfect.

The overall experience was brilliant and its good to work with someone who knows what he is doing and you are confident that he will do his best to get things to a high standard including the final look and colour scheme. I look forward to working with Bharat on future projects. Keep up the good work!

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